T.S.O.L.- Colonial Theater, Sacramento Ca. 2/22/20 7 Camera Multicam Live TSOL Punk

I don’t think anyone needs another COVID-19 take. I’ll just say that the shutdown is going to hurt our favorite venues, and all of their employees. Please do what you can to help, if you are able to do so. If we all work together, we can take care of the venues and the people who make them happen.

Here is the TSOL set from last month’s amazing show. For some reason, my roving angle has an odd shadow/psychedelic effect going. We have no idea why it happened, and we are not planning on re-do’ing it. Just think of it as a video effect.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Canon HFG50 x2, HFG40 x1, Panasonic GH5S w/Panasonic Leica DG Vario-Elmar 100-400mm f/4-6.3 ASPH. O.I.S. Lens; 3x Gopro her 4 silver
Edit by; Tromster

Live Concert Video

TSOL- Observatory, Santa Ana Ca. 1/4/20 4k UHD Live Video 40 Year Anniversary Set Rare Songs t.s.o.l

After a lot of back and forth (trying to get permission to video TSOL, then buying a nirvana reunion ticket and seeing that camera rules changed, then cancelling Nirvana and going to TSOL anyway), I made a last minute decision to see TSOL.. and boy am I glad I did. What a set!
When I saw that they were doing a 40th anniversary set with “old songs never played before”, I was hoping that they would play something off of my favorite album “Beneath the Shadows”. I about lost it when they opened with Soft Focus. It was obvious that the band enjoyed playing these songs as well.
If this tour is coming to your town, you must go.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment Used: Panasonic Lumix TZ200

Live Concert Video

T.S.O.L.- Blue Lamp, Sacramento Ca. 3/24/18 Multicam with SBD/AUD Matrix Audio TSOL 1st 2 records

I don’t know why, but I had in my mind that this show was not as good as the Gilman show the night before. This performance is excellent, and the banter is just as great! I think that I missed some of Jack’s quips the first time around. I actually watched/listened to this all the way through, which is unusual- I usually skim it since I am busy working.
For most of us who only watch a couple of minutes of stuff, I highly recommend watching this all the way through.
I can’t remember who was doing sound, but AJ or Chris, holy shit! This is the best sounding Blue Lamp soundboard I have heard so far. Thank you for the killer mix.
Jack gets in the way of one of the camera angles during “die for me”, then realizes it and clowns around with the camera. Keep an eye out for it- it is funny!

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Canon HFG40, Canon HFG30, 3 Gopro Hero 4 Silver
Audio Recording by: Shayne Stacy
Audio Matrix: Jason Ellis
Edit by: Tromster


Live Concert Video

T.S.O.L.- Blue Lamp, Sacramento Ca. 3/24/18 Canon HFG40 Rove VPS Mic Single Cam Version

I filmed this show with 4 cameras and I would usually wait until that edit was finished before posting… but I know that Gabi is dying to see this show, so here is the single camera version.
A couple things about the video- since I was filming with 4 cameras, this angle is intended to be the close up/roving camera angle. That’s why it is fixed on Jack and Ron quite a bit of the time. It’s meant to be edited with the rest.
Second- The crowd was so crazy that I could not film from my usual spot, so the camera work is a bit sloppier than usual, but my camera was also elevated more so you can see Ron’s guitar most of the time. It’s a good thing I did not film from the cocktail table- I would have been taken out a couple of times. The sound booth(where I was) took a couple of healthy shots.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment Used: Canon HFG40 and Rode Video Pro Stereo Mic.

Live Concert Video

TSOL- 924 Gilman, Berkeley Ca. 3/23/18 LIVE Multicamera “1st 2 Records” Show T.S.O.L.

OK, this is probably going to be long. TL;DR version: This is Great, Must See.

TSOL announced special shows in January of 2018 where they played the 1st EP and Dance With me, so I made plans to see 3 of the shows- Sa Diego, OC, and Ventura. Well, my family got the flu so I stayed home and cared for them. When TSOL announced these shows up north, they were not billed as the “1st 2 records” shows. We all found out when they started the set, no one knew. I was so damned excited that my eyes were watering.
On top of it, this show was one of those times when EVERYTHING went well- the band was ON- the best I have ever seen, Jack was HILARIOUS, and all angles turned out ok. I get lucky enough to film a special performance with nothing going wrong like this about once every couple years..
Now that I have seen this, I hope they get back to playing more stuff off “The Trigger Complex”- GREAT record.

Filmed by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment Used: Canon HFG30 x2, Canon HFG40 & Rode Video Pro Mic, 1 Gopro Hero 4 silver.
Edited by: Tromster
Sbd/Audience matrix by: Jason Ellis
Thanks to Jack and the band for permission to film.

Live Concert Video

TSOL- Blue Lamp, Sacramento Ca. 1/17/16 Multicam w/Schoeps Audio. T.S.O.L.

This show was a challenge. TSOL sold out the blue lamp, and it was so packed that you could not get from one side of the club to the other. Add my equipment (3 cameras, 2 tripods and a monopod) and it was even worse. I managed to get all 3 set up (thanks to Gabi for letting me set up on the pool table). Then, when TSOL starts, this guy who let me through to set up my camera stands on a chair RIGHT IN FRONT OF IT. He;s the guy in the hat. so, not the best video due to the circumstances. Also, Agelos (who does most of my edits) thought he did a poor job editing. I think it looks great, given the circumstances. Thanks Agelos, and Thanks Jason for the great audio. Thanks to Brian McKenna for bringing some ROCK to town (rather than those beard/jam bands :-)) One last note- it was so hot & humid in the club, that the ventilation system above us had serious condensation issues & started “raining” all over my equipment and the DJ rig (with extremely rarae records!). Luckily, I escaped with no damage. It was crazy.

Recorded by: Shayne STacy

Edited/Remixed By: Agelos

Additional help by: Jason Ellis

Live Concert Video

TSOL- The Distillery- Sacramento, CA 10/20/07

OK, this one kinda kills me. I had no idea that this show happened. I was travelling to China A LOT back in the 2007/08 time frame, but I think I was in town at the time. Oh well, I did catch the 2006 show and it should be posted at some point. HUGE props to Kirk Janowiak for making it to the show and filming. The Distillery was a notoriously difficult place to film in.

Recorded by: Kirk Janowiak

Live Concert Video

T.S.O.L.- The Library, Sacramento Ca. 10/20/06 xfer from DV master Tape TSOL

I was surprised that there is not a single show from The Library on the sac music archive yet. I knew the venue was short lived, but I thought that there were a number of shows there during its return in 2006.
Here is the one show I filmed there. The band actually told me (jokingly) that this had better be up on youtube the next day‚Ķ but I never posted it because the audio is so bad. I generally put a lot of effort into ensuring that audio is good, but everything went wrong with this one. I had a NICE (Shure VP88) mic and a NICE camcorder for the time, but Sweetwater wired the mic cable wrong which resulted in a ton of distortion. I think the mic comes unplugged about 15min in and then it all goes to hell. On top of it all, there were only dim red lights on stage, which makes for shitty video. Luckily I had a 3 chip camcorder so it isn’t too bad, plus I enhanced the video when it gets too dark.
But regardless, HARDCORE FANS ONLY. Yikes.
If anyone happens to have better audio from this show please let me know. I know it is unlikely, as the guy who usually has better audio is in front of me in this video, taking pictures.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Panasonic AG-DVC30 and Shure VP88 Mic
Enhanced (about 15min in): Adobe Premiere

Live Concert Video

T.S.O.L.- Capitol Garage, Sacramento Ca 9/19/01 Dat master xfer True Sounds of Liberty Coresound Mic

I pulled this one out of the DAT dresser a few months ago and finally got around to getting it transferred earlier this week. I had forgotten that this was so close to 9/11- it was my first show since then. Everyone went nuts, ripping the door off the hinges and causing general chaos. I stayed off to the side and hid behind a large potted plant. I only got hit by people flying out of the pit a couple of times. I think that’s why there is a short bust of diginoise- I got clobbered.
Great set, but only 47min long. What’s up with that? A 47min headlining set. Thanks to Charles (I think) for bringing them to town.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment: Sony TCD-D7 and Coresound mics with battery box bass rolloff
Transfer with Sony PCM-R500 and M-Audio Audiophile 2496 card

Audio Live Concert