Thin White Rope- Burro Room, Chico Ca. 3/22/91 Part 1

Man, what a night this was. The Burro Room was a legendary venue- the Room was a standard venue- long and narrow. Next door was Juanita’s Burritos- they had cheap burritos and was one of the first places in the nation to have Sierra Nevada on tap. So we would drive up there, have a couple of pitchers and a burrito and wait for the show. This show was one of the best (and longest) I ever saw of TWR. I found a great little perch above the door between the 2 venues thatwas not only great for a tripod, but also sounded excellent because it was close to the PA. Recorded with the old Aiwa CV80 camcorder with a Sony ECM-909 mic velcro’d to the top. Enjoy! PS: Guy is in a beautiful polka dot dress for the show.

This is part 1 only- you can find the rest of the show on Youtube

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy

Equipment Used: Aiwa CV80, Sony ECM-909


Live Concert Video