I was digitizing this VHS tape for another show which will be uploaded soon, an I found this REALLY GREAT VF show on it. Since this took place on Sunday and the stage is so well lit, I would have to assume that this was a matinee. Great, well-lit crowd shots and the crowd was into it!
Man, I wish I remembered who filmed this show. I threw out all of my contact info in a huge purge about 15 years ago. I remember many of my traders who have become life long friends, but there were a LOT of “one and done” type of trades. I wish I remembered them so I could give them credit and see if they taped anything else. Oh well.

Recorded by: ?
Transfer by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: JVC HRS9800U w/TBC on / Canopus ADVC300.

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