C.O.C. Corrosion of Conformity- Sports Palace, St. Louis Mo. 7/22/87 Audio xfer 4 Track Soundboard

NOTE- This tape had issues for 1st 5min. Forward to 5min if you can’t take the quality at beginning*
As I was digging out the old C.O.C. tapes from Sacramento to post, I remembered this one. This was recorded (with the band’s permission) with Mark Denizczuk’s 4 track recorder. Lineage= Master tape-Jim Utz copy-my copy
KILLER recording and a great set. It sounds like the crowd was crazy and the power blew out at least once.
Recorded by: Luther (soundman) & Mark Deniszczuk
Transfer by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Nakamichi Dragon, Audiophile 2496 card, Reaper, Sony Sound Forge for normalization

Audio Live Concert

Dag Nasty- El Dorado Saloon, Sacramento Ca. 7/19/87 Audio only xfer from master tape LIVE

This was probably one of the most memorable punk shows that Stewart Katz put on. It was PACKED and skinheads were beating the hell out of each other. Dag Nasty stops one song due to fighting, and Peter Cortner changes lyrics to another. They also took a stab at Stewart during the show.
I also met my best friend, “Anonymous”, at this show. 30+ years later and we are still good friends. He taped this show witn an Aiwa hanheld recorder- excellent results.

Recorded by: Anonymous
Equipment Used: Aiwa Handheld Recorder
Enhancement: Bass boost/midrange drop/normalize in Sony Sound Forge.

Audio Live Concert

Dr. Know- El Dorado Saloon, Sacramento Ca. 7/19/87 Audio Only xfer from master tape LIVE

This lineup was ridiculously stacked- when Dag Nasty opens the show, you know it’s good. Dr. Know was up second and Kyle Toucher was doing a little guitar butt-play behind Stewart Sacramento Katz while Stew was trying to introduce them.. that’s why you hear so much cheering there.
And, Dr. Know has always kicked ass. Man, what a great band. Kyle, when is that new album going to be ready??

Audio Live Concert

Headface- Club Can’t Tell, Sacramento Ca. 7/9/87

Headface opening for The Red Hot Chili Peppers on July 9, 1987 at Club Can’t Tell in Sacramento, CA

Jamie White – Bass, Vocals

Curtis Stone – Guitars and Such

Russell Partanen – Sax and sounds not of this earth

Jon Bryant – Vocals and whatnot

Doug Cuffman – Drums and bootybeats

1. Don’t Cry For Today

2. Future Restitution

3. Headface

4. Green Eggs & Ham

5. George

6. Suicide

7. You Can Be Free

8. Love Thy Neighbor

9. Super Bad

10. Drop In The City

11. Monkey Woman

12. I Feel Good

13. Purple Haze

14. Play That Funky Music

15. Funk Out

16. Sin City

Live Concert Video