Pearl Jam- Cal Expo Amphitheater, Sacramento Ca 6/22/95 xfer from 8mm master enhanced

Rough day today. I digitized a lot of my friend Gary’s 8mm master tapes- he is “fromthenosebleeds” on youtube. I am enhancing (degrain) and posting all of the Sacramento shows, with his approval. Thanks Gary! I know that some of my friends are big PJ fans, so I hope this helps people get through today.

Recorded by: Gary Shurtleff
Transfer by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Sony DCR-TRV340
Enhanced with Adobe premiere and neat video plugin

Live Concert Video

Metallica- Cal Expo Amphitheatre, Sacramento Ca. 7/23/94 xfer from master tape enhanced live

Tonight, Metallica is playing an outdoor show in Sacramento for the first time in over 20 years. It looks like they last played the Cal Expo Amphitheater (during the state fair!) in 1998. This one is from the tour prior to that one- the 1994 tour that came through in the summer of that year.
A huge thanks goes out to Gary Shurtleff (fromthenosebleeds yt channel) for bringing his master tape over last weekend for me to transfer, and for giving the OK to post this one. I see that “metconcerts100” has this posted, but it isn’t from the master tape.
Anyway, I hope everyone has fun at the show tonight- be prepared to walk about 5 miles. I’ll be the guy with longish hair and a 924 gilman hoodie on. Come say hi! If you aren’t going, watch this and imagine being there tonight. Haha.

Recorded by: Gary Shurtleff
Transfer by: Shayne Stacy using a Sony DCR-TRV340 firewrie’d into a Dell Precision T3500 Workstation

Live Concert Video

Ozzy Osbourne- Cal Expo Ampitheater, Sacramento Ca. 6/14/92 Lossless xfer from 8mm Master Enhanced

I should be at the awesome Kepi/Kevin Seconds/Hutch Harris/Dog Party concert at the Side Door right now, but family obligations won out today. Instead, here is an Ozzy Osbourne vid from Cal Expo amp. My friend Gary taped this, and he is not happy with the audio. It’s not bad, it has quite a bit of crowd noise. If anyone has a line on a better audio recording, let me know.
PS: This version of War Pigs caused this video to be blocked. I trimmed it out, but if it is still showing blocked, it should be vieable once YT trims that song out eventually.

Recorded by: Gary Shurtleff
Equipment used: Sony DCT0TRV340 — Datavideo TBC-1000 — Tevion USB capture — Virtualdub
Enhanced (degrain) in Adobe Premiere Elements/Neat Video

Live Concert Video

David Bowie- Cal Expo Amphitheater, Sacramento Ca 5/23/90 Sony D6/ECM909 TDK MA90 Master Transfer

Here’s my master recording of Bowie from Cal Expo. It is decent quality- not amazing but quite listenable. It had some of that funky Amphitheater High End Phasing that you get sometime when recording in environments like this. I EQ’d to boost the bass a bit and reduce the high end phasing. Hope you enjoy. I think Jerry Perry, Paul Piazza and Chris Macias all mentioned that they were at this show too! Transferred with a Nakamichi Dragon cassette deck – EMU1212M audio capture card – Reaper.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy

Equipment used: Sony WMD6C & ECM909 mic

Live Concert Video