Attitude- The Place, Davis Ca. 6/3/88 Enhanced xfer from 8mm master Adjustment Condemned

This was the only time that I video’d these guys, despite the fact that they(Attitude Adjustment/Condemned Attitude/Attitude) were probably my favorite band from 1986-1988 or so. That front line of Srahl/Andersen/Scapparo were GREAT.
So it is unfortunate that this video sucks. It is very poorly lit and sounds awful,. I did what I could with Adobe/Neat.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment Used: Aiwa CV-80 & Sony ECM909 mic
Post Production by Shayne: Adobe Premiere Elements 2018 & Neat Video Noise Reduction to brighten/contrast and denoise.


Live Concert Video

Attitude- 924 Gilman, Berkeley Ca. 4/8/88 xfer from soundboard master cassette

Here’s another one from Gary Shurtleff.
This is one of the better gilman soundboard mixes I have heard, but it is a little bright… and Andy is hilarious as usual. I forgot that they stopped advertising bands at Gilman for a while. The concept was that people should just show up and be surprised. They started flyering again when no one was showing up. Andy’s opening wisecrack is GOLD.

Recorded by: Gary Shurtleff
Transfer by: Shayne StacyEquipment used: Nakamichi Dragon- Audiophile 2496 card- sony soundforge

Audio Live Concert

R.K.L.- 924 Gilman, Berkeley Ca. 1/16/88 xfer from VHS Master Live Enhanced

Here is the second concert I ever filmed. I did not have a camera yet, but Andy Andersen & Wayne Vanderkuil rented a camera to record Attitude and they let me borrow it for RKL’s show(thanks guys). Special thanks to Jason Ellis for loaning me a used VHS tape that he had in the car so I could tape the RKL master over the top. PUNK ROCK.
Btw, I still don’t have a clean copy of that Attitude show…

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy

Equipment used: Rental panasonic beast of a camcorder

Enhanced with Adobe premier(brightness and exposure) and neat video (denoise)

Live Concert Video