Operation Ivy- Gilman St. Project, Berkeley Ca. 5/28/89 Direct Transfer from Master Enhanced!

This one has a story behind it. So, I bought my first video camera in 1988 to videotape Op IV. Word started to spread that they were breaking up and this would be their final show. My friend Jason kept telling me to leave early for the show and I kept saying “nah, we’ll be fine”. We get there about an hour before showtime and the club is already full and there are about 2x more people waiting outside. So Jason and I make our way to the side door and I am whining, holding my camera bag. Someone says “hey grab this amp”.. so me and Jason grab one side of a half stack and walk in. Yup, I snuck in- it was my only time EVER doing that to any show. I kept my camera on my hand to ensure no one could see if I had a stamp or not. The opening band starts and they were incredibly great. The band was Green Day, and I swear that they were the guys who had us carry the amp in. So, thank you. If not for you, this video would not exist. Filmed with an Aiwa CV80 8mm camcorder with Sony ECM-909 mic strapped to the top. This was going to be a multicamera video, but we could not get the other angle & audio source to play together well. Anyway, this is a huge upgrade to my master because of Jim McLain’s brightening and contrast work- thanks a lot. Enjoy.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy

Equipment Used: Aiwa CV80, Sony ECM909

Edited/Remixed By: Jim McClain

Live Concert Video

Operation Ivy- 924 Gilman, Berkeley Ca. 5/28/89 Multicam w/Sony D6 Audio

Operation Ivy- 924 Gilman, Berkeley Ca. 5/28/89 LAST SHOW Multicam w/Sony D6 Audio

I have been wanting to put all of these sources together for a long time, and thanks to @copperpot65 we finally got it done! This is the final, most comprehensive document of the show. Here is what we did:
Took my shaky, handheld angle from the sound booth and brightened/deshake’d it
Added a 2nd angle that I received in trade back in 1989 and edited that in to make this a multicam for the 1st 40min or so
Used a different audio source- Sony D6 recording with Sony ECM909 mic (xfer from master tape, recorded by “anonymous”), which was then GREATLY enhanced by @copperpot5. I can’t believe how good it sounds!

so, while it isn’t perfect due to dark/grainy etc source footage, this is as good as it’s gonna get. Enjoy!

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy (soundbooth angle), Unknown (floor angle), “Anonymous”(D6 Audio Recording

Live Concert Video

Operation Ivy- 924 Gilman, Berkeley Ca. 4/15/89 xfer from 8mm master enhanced Live

Here is that time that Operation Ivy opened for GWAR at Gilman. Yes, that really happened. This one benefited quite a lot from the enhancements- the stage was poorly lit that night. I bumped it up to where Matt is a bit overexposed, but you can now see the other 3 guys!

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment Used: Aiwa CV80 & Sony ECM909 mic
Enhancement: Adobe Premiere Brighten/Increasde exposure, Neat video to reduce noise


Live Concert Video

Operation Ivy- 924 Gilman, Berkeley Ca. 5/6/88 xfer from soundboard cassette master Audio Only

OK, I am stretching the rules of the Sac Music Archive a bit. I did not tape this, it is not a sacramento based band, but there is a story behind it…

There are a couple of events that really motivated me to save for 5 MONTHS (working for $6 an hour) to buy a video camera. One was borrowing a rented video camera from Attitude to film RKL at Gilman on 1/16/88. The other one was seeing Operation Ivy and Isocracy on new years 1988(12/31/87). Op ivy instantly became my favorite band.

So on a Friday, I get off work with my $650 and go to Montgomery Ward to buy a video camera. The sales guy tells me that the Aiwa that I picked out can film for “about 2 hours” on a battery pack. So I charge the battery and shoot down to Gilman to film Op Ivy’s return show, from their US tour in Mar-Apr 1988.
I film one of the opening bands- Neighborhood Watch, then I turn on my camera to film op ivy. The battery is dead. I plug my camera in from the back of the venue and did not like filming from back there, so I shut it off. So, no video of this show but here is a nice sbd. This is probably a better quality version than the bootlegs that surfaced of this show.
Lineage: Radley Hirsch’s Hifi VHS master-“Anonymous” cassette, xfer with Nakamichi Dragon.

Live Concert Video