FMK- Cattle Club 30th Anniversary, Harlow’s Sacramento 5/11/19 4k HD Master Sony A7Sii

Here’s the FMK set. They were so tight and kicked so much ass that it seemed impossible that they have not played in years. I got about 35-40min of their LONG set. They did not exactly adhere to the 45min set time on the schedule.

Since I decided to come last-minute and Jim McLain had the multicamera video duties all covered, I decided to bring my new 4k DSLR camera to test it out. It was so new to me that I pulled the lens out of the shipping box while driving. I had no idea how to hell to use the camera and you can tell during anton barbeau’s set. I finally got it to an acceptable level after fiddling around with the controls while Anton was playing.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Sony A7Sii, Canon EF 24-105 lens, Rode Videomic Pro Stereo

Live Concert Video