Drowning Adam- Shaker’s Pub, Citrus Heights Ca. 10/28/16 Pt. 1

For my first stop last night, I headed down the street to Shaker’s pub for the Drowning Adam reunion. Nathan & Travis from the band were best friends in high school with my stepson, Jeremy. Jeremy was always trying to get me to go see them, but I always blew it off because I was a dumb shit. They are a GREAT band and it is a mystery to me why they weren’t signed by a medium to large size label back when they were active 15 years ago. Also, Travis recognized me even though I had not seen him for about 20 years. Good job. 🙂 Nice seeing you again. Now I am headed over to bandcamp to buy their entire discography and catch up. Recorded with the Canon HFG30 and Rode Video Pro Stereo mic.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy

Equipment Used: Canon HFG30, Rode Video Pro Stereo Mic


Live Concert Video

Machado Thunderfinger- Corner Pocket, Citrus Heights CA 12/12/15 Full Set

The second and final night of tribute to the mighty Magnolia Thunderfinger, this time at the Corner Pocket in Citrus Heights. Laser lights and auto focus resulted in the camera going in and out of focus for the first 20 minutes before it was corrected. At first the whole set wasn’t going to be posted, but here it is, with a little touch up. It’s really not too bad to watch at all. Soundtrack is a matrix of soundboard and camera audio.

Recorded by: Jim McLain

Live Concert Video