Groovie Ghoulies- Old Ironsides, Sacramento 6/96 1st gen VHS-DVD

So I was an early adopter with all of this VHS to DVD conversion stuff. I bought a capture card in 2001 for WAY too much money and transferred a few videos at lesser quality than what I can do today. I borrowed a few of Ken Doose’s tapes and transferred them. This is one- the Ghoulies at Old I in 1996. Thanks Ken for offering this tape up!

Recorded by: Ken Doose

Live Concert Video

Metallica – Tower Records Parking Lot, Sacramento, CA 6-4-96

Go figure. I punch in Sacramento in the search area on my youtube channel and a Metallica show is the first thing to pop up. Really enjoyed the experience of filming these rare flatbed truck gigs.

What a cool day this was. Metallica planned to perform LIVE 3 shows in one day to promote the upcoming release of the LOAD record in 3 different tower records parking lots…3pm San Jose, 6pm Concord, 9pm Sacramento. Since I lived in Concord that one excited me the most. But since the city of Concord would not issue the permits the band were only able to pull off San Jose and Sacramento which were both filmed. MFTMON was next to me shooting as well.

Recorded by: Gary Shurtleff

Equipment Used: Sony ?

Live Concert Video

Mothball Fleet- 6th Annual Davis Musicians Co-op, Vets Aud 1996

This one was a surprise- it is not labeled on the tape. I am a huge Thin White Rope fan, so I was happy to see this surface. Thanks to Brian Grattidge for confirming that they did play the show. Thanks also to Rusi Gustafson who fills us in: “This one-shot amalgamation of Acme and Curbfeelers members played completely improvised music on the side of the stage in between the other bands’ sets. We called ourselves Mothball Fleet. I don’t see Dave Thompson, but I’m pretty sure he was there too”


Additional help by: Brian Grattidge, Rusi Gustafson

Live Concert Video