Matthew Sweet- Tower Records, Chicago Il. 8/24/95 Live in-store Audio Only WXRT-FM xfer from master

After 8.5 hours straight of meetings today, I finally get a break.
I kinda blew my wad on the cool archival video stuff early this week, so you get audio for a few days. Man, I love Matthew Sweet. He always seems to get lumped into the “90s alternative” bucket of bands, but all I hear is a great songwriter. Killer power pop.
This is an in-store concert broadcast broadcast on WXRT in Chicago, who were probably the best station in the country for live broadcasts back then. I hope they are still relevant, and didn’t go the route of KROQ.

Recorded by: Paul Galis (I think) off radio onto cassette, transferred to my DAT.
Transfer by: Shayne Stacy
Transfer equipment: Sony PCMR500 and M-Audio Audiophile 2496

Audio Live Performance

Swans- Roxy, Hollywood Ca. 8/10/95 Michael Gira xfer from DAT Master Audio R.I.P. Bill Rieflin

I am part of a northwest music facebook group, and I heard that Bill Rieflin passed away. I did not know who he was, so I looked him up… WOW. He was not only the drummer for many of my favorite bands (he was in SO MANY BANDS), but he was unbelievably talented. I tend to focus on drums a lot when listening to music, which is probably due to my cousin Tony Schwartz being a drummer in my formative years. I did not even realize that he was the drummer in this incarnation of The Swans that I saw until I looked up the band member timeline… and I recall that the drummer kicked ass.
So this was at the Roxy, who were a complete pain in the ass about taping. I had to smuggle the gear into the club, and then hide the DAT deck in my pocket (mics on eyeglasses). I set the levels at a “reasonable level” (levels used for Foo Fighters a couple weeks earlier at the same club… I check the deck about 15min in and the levels were PEGGED! Shit. In my haste to change levels without being seen, I unplug the mics. So I lose about 1-2min of the show.
So in summary, it was f*cking LOUD, is not great for the 1st 15min or so.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Sony TCDD7 & Coresound mics w/battery box and bass rolloff

Audio Live Concert