Magnolia Thunderfinger- Old Ironsides, Sacramento Ca. 5/22/98 xfer from low gen VHS tape


Here’s another incomplete Magnolia Thunderfinger show from that VHS tape I got a while back. This one features the band decked out in suits & ties. Probably the most consistently lit of the 3.

Recorded by: “I’m pretty sure some dude named Willie filmed this. He followed us around for a few years…filmed a ton of gigs…then just disappeared.”… well Skid, you obviously did something to piss poor Willie off. 🙂

Live Concert Video

Jimmie Dale Gilmore- Palms, Davis Ca 5/13/98 DAT Master xfer Coresound Mics

Someone asked for something at the end of this tape, so you get this show as well. Man, I loved the old Palms. It had an atmosphere that will never be matched. It was a real treat when some of the old-school troubadours came through town. I believed that the venue really brought the best out in these performances.
With that said, my coresound mics were at the end of their rope by this time. There was a short in one of the wires (they were eyeglass mounted mics at the end of a wire) which would emit a high pitched whine in one channel of a few later recordings. This one was just screaming in one channel and I could not process it out… so you get 1 channel duplicated into the left and right channels. If someone out there wants to attempt to fix this thing, let me know.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Sony TCD-D7 DAT, Coresound binaural mics with battery box/ bass rolloff

Audio Live Concert