Los Olvidados & Clay Wheels- Skate Punk Reunion, Las Vegas Nv. 5/24/14 Part 1 Multicam

This was a perfect end to a long day. I had never video’d for 12 hours in a day before. I was not familiar with Los O’s music, but knowing that they were a big influence on The Faction piqued my curiosity. They were awesome! Then, Clay Wheels played unannounced. You will see my handheld camera move to the back of the venue- it was because the crowd was going crazy and stage diving with skateboards, so I had to go back and protect the 2nd camera! They turned out great. Camera 1 is Canon HFG10 with Rode Video Pro Mic. Camera 2 is Canon HFM30 with stock mic. Thanks to Agelos and Bong for the mixing and authoring. Enjoy!

This is part 1 only- you can find the rest of the show on Youtube

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy

Equipment Used: Canon HFG10, Rode Video Pro Mic, Canon HFM30

Edited/Remixed By: Agelos, Bong

Live Concert Video

Judge-924 Gilman, Berkeley Ca. 5/23/14 Multicam NYHC SXE w/SBD audio part 1

Man, this was a wild show. I was going to film from the stage and I wisely decided to film from behind the merch table. As you can see, it was one of the only safe places in the venue. Lighting is uneven at Gilman, but I did the best I could. Here are all the specifics: Camera 1: Canon HFG30 on a monopod Camera 2: Canon HFG10 mounted to a ladder Camera 3: JVC GZ-EX250 filmed by Rodney Parker Filmed by Shayne Stacy & Rodney Parker SBD Audio captured by Shayne Stacy Edited, mixed and authored by tromster Special Thanks to Obidiah Stephen Bowling

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy, Rodney Parker

Equipment Used: Canon HFG30, Canon HFG10, JVC GZ-EX250

Edited/Remixed By: Tromster

Additional help by:Obidiah, Stephen Bowling

Live Concert Video

Zero Boys- Press Club, Sacramento Ca 5/12/14 Canon HFG10 & Rode Video Pro Stereo Mic

Here’s that time when The Zero Boys came to our town and only about 50 people showed up. I am sure glad I did, because they were amazing. The guitarist absolutely shreds. This was supposed to be a multicam, but the second camera was on a stage tripod and the vibration is so bad that we could not use it. The first 45min is the G10 angle (sorry for the funky angle- no good place to film at press), second is the super shaky Canon HFM30 angle. Enjoy.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy

Equipment Used: Canon HFG10, Rode Video Pro Stereo Mic, Canon HFM30


Live Concert Video