Redrum- Lite Rail Inn, Sacramento Ca 9/30/87 Audio xfer from master cassette tape Thrash metal

My friend Alex asked me to pull out some corrupted morals cassettes for transfer as part of a reissue project they are working, and one of the tapes we needed did not have a number. Since I have 4,000 live cassettes (not counting DATs or others), I figured I was totally screwed. Since the tape was old, I started looking in the low numbers and I found it! Awesome! While I was digging through the trays, I pulled out some other tapes that looked interesting. This is one of the extras I pulled.
In the years before I bought my video camera, I would take my step dad’s Montgomery Ward boombox to record shows. I don’t know what mics were in that thing, but it performed amazingly well for a boombox. Redrum were pretty drunk for this show- Especially Mike Caboy who was probably the drunkest I have ever seen someone on stage. They were expected to play an hour and their set isn’t long enough, so you get unexpected treats such as an extended guitar solo by Don Adams and the unreleased song “Let’s Go to Burger King” to end the set. A truly classic Redrum show that is a perfect picture of how I remembered their shows. So great.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Montgomery Ward boombox

Audio Live Concert