Peace Killers- Blue Lamp, Sacramento Ca. 8/31/17 Multicam w/Soundboard Audio LIVE

Here is what I believe to be the first multicam edit of one of the most under appreciated bands in Sacramento- Peace Killers. They are totally unique. Andy sings with so much soul, they sound more like a killer classic rock band to me rather than “punk” or “metal”. Love the harmony leads they pull out for some of the songs.

I was looking through my pending edits and was surprised to see that this show had not been edited yet. I think I skipped it initially because the main angle cuts off Cory a bit. But there are no multicams of these guys and the board tape sounds great. Thanks AJ!

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Canon HFG30 x2, HFG10, Gopro Hero 4 silver.
Edit by: Tromster

Live Concert Video