VERBAL ABUSE- BLUE LAMP, Sacramento Ca. 7/19/19 Multicam w/Matrix Audio

My wife & I went on another date night to the Verbal Abuse & MDC show. Jesse Davis was there with a few of his cameras so I took the night off. I contributed the soundboard audio to the mix. Here’s 2 songs from that show.

Recorded by: Jesse Davis (+ 1 other camera guy)
Equipment used: 4 camera edit. Sound Matrix is 2 sony mics, 1 realistic, a zoom h4n, and stereo soundboard by shayne stacy.

Edit by: Jesse Davis

Live Concert Video

Verbal Abuse- 924 Gilman, Berkeley Ca. 8/24/90 xfer from low gen soundboard tape

I was digging through boxes of tapes that a friend sent over to me and this one jumped out as one that needed to be digitized. I was shocked that Verbal Abuse- the drunkest band in the bay area at the time, were playing at (no drugs, no alcohol) Gilman. After digging into the history a bit, it looks like they were a (very) last minute replacement for Negazione– if you look at the flyers from this date, there is no mention of VA and Negazione is shown. Scotty even pokes fun at the situation, pretending to be the band from Italy.

Sex pistols cover at 8:00. This set kicks ass and is a must listen for the stage banter alone. Verbal Abuse and Gilman go together like oil and water. haha!

The mix was a bit light on guitar and bass, so I popped it into Izotope and boosted guitar and bass a lot, and drums a little.
From Barry Ward’s collection

Recorded by: ?
Transfer by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Nakamichi Dragon and M-Audio Audiophile 2496 Card
Rebalance in Izotope (bass and guitar +5, drums +2)

Audio Live Concert

Verbal Abuse- Covered Wagon Saloon, San Francisco 9/11/88 xfer from 1st gen VHS Live Enhanced

I did what I could with this video, but it was SUPER dark to begin with. We were so spolied in northern california- in the late 80’s, Verbal Abuse would open up SO MANY clear and distinct shows and they were constantly playing SF… it got to the point where we took them for granted since they played so much. Along with that, I was a bigger fan of the early hardcore version of the band at the time. Now that the original lineup is back together, I wish I could see the Scotty fronted version again!
From Gary Shurtleff’s VHS archive (youtube channel fromthenosebleeds)

Recorded by: The drummer from M.A.R. I think
Equipment used: JVC HRS8900U and canopus ADVC300
Enhanced (brightness/contrast/exposure/noise reduction) via adobe premiere and neat video

Live Concert Video