Centro-Matic: Great American Music Hall, San Francisco 2/19/03 xfer from DV Master!

Here’s a video of Centro-Matic in their prime. This set was pretty short because they were opening for Ben Kweller on this tour.. but it was the only video of Centro that turned out ok. I did another from 2002 in Sacramento, but it is super dark. Filmed with a nice JVC DV camera- don’t remember model #. I also have a DAT soundboard of the set, but this audio is just from the camera.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy

Equipment Used: JVC DV


Live Concert Video

Centro-matic: Great American Music Hall, San Francisco 2/19/03 Xfer DV Master w DAT Soundboard Audio

Here is one that I have been wanting to synch up for quite a while, and decided now is a good time because Will Johnson is coming through town (er, Reno) this week! Also, Centro-Matic is scheduled to play their first show in 7 years in a month or so.
Thanks to Will for always being cool about taping.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: JVC MiniDV camcorder, Sony TCD-D7 through soundboard
Enhanced in Izotope RX7 (boost bass and drums a little, guitar a lot)
Fixed up stereo imbalance issue in Sony Sound Forge 10
Audio Video synch with Plural Eyes

Live Concert Video