FLAG- Riot Fest, May Farms, Byers Co 9/22/13 1080HD Master w/Dmonkey Neumann Audio!

This was such a fun weekend, We had VIP passes and the drinks were cheap. so the strategy was to drink early and then sober up as the day went on. Well, I might have had a few too many beers and it was time to video Raygun & FLAG. I asked my friend Daryl to grab me a red bull from backstage, and this is the result. Sorry for the camerawork. In my defense, I was almost crushed at least 5 times. Then the storm came in and we were evacuated, and I could not find the car. This is a must-see just for all the chaos. I really thought that the stage was going to fall on us. Unbelievable.

This is part 1 only- you can find the rest of the show on Youtube

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy

Equipment Used: Canon HFM30

Additional help by: Jason Ellis for the audio, Agelos for the Audio/Video synch

Live Concert Video

Bad Religion- Riot Fest, May Farms, Byers Co. 9/21/13 HD Master w/ Neumann Mic Audio Live

This was a crazy story. This was the final day of Riot Fest and storms were threatening all day. During FLAG’s set, the sky got super dark and the winds got a bit dangerous so they told us all to leave the venue. I was separated from “Anonymous” and could not find him or the car anywhere. I wandered around forever and finally found it. When I got there, he had been waiting a while and said that he was going to crawl under the car if a tornado formed. Haha, sorry about that.
So we waited for over an hour for the show to resume. In my excitement of getting back in, plus wanting to do a good job for my friend Agelos (BR is his favorite band), I totally screwed the video up. I zoomed in way too often, and the pan and zoom was so active it gives you motion sickness. Sorry about that.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment Used: Canon HFM30
Audio Recorded by: Anonymous
Equipment used: Neumann KM140 x2 and Edirol R09
Audio/Video synch by Tromster

Live Concert Video

Against Me- Riot Fest, May Farms, Byers Co 9/21/13 Audio Master DPA 4061 Mics

I was going to post another op ivy thing today, but I couldn’t find it offhand. I was cleaning up my hard drive (cleared 500GB of space!) and came across this one. It was WAY too bassy so I EQ’d the ridiculous amounts of bass it had, then popped it into Izotope RX8 to bring the guitar up. It was buried. It sounds pretty good now.
This was the first time I ever heard the band and loved it- I bought the back catalog after this set.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Sony PCM-M10 and DPA 4061 Mics
EQ in sony soundforge
Rebalance (Guitar +4) in izotope rx8.

Audio Live Concert

Final Summation- Colorado Springs, Co. 7/15/05 xfer from DV Master Tape

Here is one of the better quality FS videos- they played this nicer venue in colorado springs. The audio is not as distorted for the first 10min and the lighting is good.

oh, and if anyone really reads these, this is my last post before I attempt to upgrade my pc. So you may hear from me later tonight, or you may never hear from me again. It’s probably going to be somewhere in between those 2 extremes. See ya.

Recorded by: Jordan Wolfe

Live Concert Video

Alex Chilton- Mercury Cafe, Denver Co 9/28/91 DAT Clone Soundboard Big Star

I know some people might be like “AC AGAIN?? OMG POST THE DAMN AFTERSHOCK VIDEOS!!!”. Let me explain- I have just learned that pluraleyes can bulk synch my aftershock videos to MUCH better audio and still keep the 4k resolution, so I plan to clean the videos up a bit (that graininess drives me crazy), then synch the pieces of the video, then join them together and post. This will take 1-2 days of processing per video, depending on the length of the set. So, be patient, I want to make them as good as they can be so I don’t need to post multiple versions of the same show.
Anyway, here is a really nice quality and nicely mixed show from Alex. This kind of board mix usually doesn’t happen in small clubs.

Recorded by: ?
Transfer by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Sony PCM-R500 and M-Audio Audiophile 2496 card

Audio Live Concert