Pivot- Pus Cavern Session for Whirlwind Demo 7/29/92 Audio only xfer from DAT Master Sacramento Punk

Last week, Barry Mills Prickett dropped some Pivot tapes off for digitizing. There was an original Whirlwind demo in the bag, along with this DAT. The DAT has all of the same songs as the demo in different order and the quality difference between the two is night and day– the DAT is waaay better. So, let’s start with this one and we’ll see if Whirlwind gets posted in the future.

Recorded by: Joe at Pus Cavern
Digitized by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Sony PCMR-500 DAT and M-Audio Audiophile 2496 card

Audio Demo

Pounded Clown – “Perry Mason” (House Of Monkey 07-26-92)

Pounded Clown “Perry Mason” House Of Monkey Sacramento, CA July 26, 1992 Filmed by loserlist69 BAT GUANO ARCHIVES Pounded Clown (website): http://www.nokilli.com/poundedclown/i…

PERRY MASON Perry Mason went to school for a long long time Perry Mason’s gonna keep ya from doing time Perry Mason knows the laws that’ll get you off Perry Mason won’t ask you to bend over and cough Della Street soft and sleek write down what I say Gonna have me a Hamilton burger for lunch today Perry Mason get me off Get me off get me off get me off get me off Perry Mason get me off Get me off get me off get me off get me off Get me off

Recorded by: Ken Doose

Live Concert Video

Cracker- Cattle Club, Sacramento Ca. 7/10/92 Part 1 from 8mm Master!

This was a great coincidence- Gary Shurtleff and I had a friend in the bay area named Karl(RIP) who wanted me to tape a show, so he loaned me his NICE Sony TR-81 camera. I spent the entire weekend videotaping my sister’s softball games and then headed to Cattle to see if Cracker would let me video. As usual, CVB and Cracker’s manager Jackson Haring was totally cool with taping so I got this early cracker show. Notice the beautiful sequined dress that bass player Davey Faragher is wearing. Stock mic so there is some distortion.Once I used that camera, I had to drop the $800 to buy one for myself. 🙂

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy

Equipment Used: Sony TR-81

Additional help by: Jackson Haring

Live Concert Video

Monsula- McGregors, Elmhurst Il. 7/1/92 Live East Bay Punk Green Day Pinhead Gunpowder

Here’s today’s video- it’s another one that I digitized years ago for the Turn it Around documentary. I never really paid much attention to Monsula, but I finally gave them a good listen during The Lookouting run of shows and finally appreciated their greatness. Such a great underappreciated band.

From the collection of Jason Ross

Recorded by: Bob and/or Mike Byrne
Transfer by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: JVC HRS9811U and Canopus ADVC300
Enhanced in Adobe Premiere/Neat Video

Live Concert Video