Metallica Orion Fest Footage: Skateboarding, Kirk’s Crypt, Metclub Tent, Custom Car, Jim Breuer 2012

Since we have been sick this weekend, I spent some time organizing some old family video footage. I found these non-musical performance clips I took from Orion Fest back in 2012 buried in the family discs. I forgot I filmed these-They are pretty cool. There is footage of the Van’s skate ramp with Steve Caballero, Kirk’s Crypt(outside only- line was too long!), Custom Car Show including some of Hetfield’s cars, a talk with Toby Stapleton & Dan Nykolayko in the metclub fanclub only tent talking about merch (moderated by Jim Breuer), and some footage of the memorabilia in the metclub tent as well. Metallica fans who did not attend the fest would probably like this. Enjoy!

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy

Equipment Used: Canon HF200 w/stock mic

Live Concert Video

Ghost- Orion Fest, Bader Field, Atlantic City NJ 6/24/12 1080p HD Master Metal B.C.

When we started up the sac music archive, everything from our youtube channels were supposed to be on here… but I keep finding stuff that didn’t make it. Here come 3 videos from the time I travelled to Orion Fest in 2012.

Here is Ghost back when they were relatively unknown, performing in the daytime as the first band of day 2 of Orion fest. Sorry for the shakiness- cameras were not explicitly allowed at Orion so I had no monopod. Filmed with Canon HF200 with stock microphone.

Live Concert Video

Suicidal Tendencies- Orion Fest, Atlantic City NJ 6/23/12 Robert Trujillo and Infectious Grooves

Orion was such a great festival. I got to see Roky Erickson, Volbeat, Ghost (in the daytime!) along with Metallica playing RTL and Black album in their entirety. The surprise of the weekend for me was this set. Suicidal played the smallest stage and there had to be 10,000 people there. It just went back for miles. I was pretty close, so I was getting smacked around a bit. Also, my arm was super tired so I did not film the entire set. Robert Trujillo makes a surprise appearance and plays on ST and Infectious Grooves songs. For Paul Piazza and Kim Cook (because she was there, but missed this set!)

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy

Equipment used: Canon HF200 & stock Mic

Live Concert Video

Danzig- City Gardens, Trenton NJ 4/9/88 Audio only xfer from 1st gen cassette FIRST SHOW EVER

Carl Sylvester asked me to digitize this one a few months back, and it finally got to the top of the list. I traded with a really cool and dependable guy named George Norton (not sure if my FB friend is the same guy). He taped a ton of city gardens & NYC punk/hardcore shows.
He taped Danzig’s first show at City Gardens and sent me a copy pretty much immediately. We listened to it about 50 times before the debut LP came out 4 months later. Good times. Note the track listing on the cassette J-card, we didn’t even know the name of most of the new songs yet.

Recorded by: George Norton
Transfer by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Nakamichi Dragon/Audiophile 2496 card

Audio Live Concert

Adrenalin O.D.- WFMU Live in Studio, E Orange NJ 6/11/87 xfer f/ 1st gen audio tape AOD A.O.D. NYHC

I didn’t have time to transfer a tape for today’s post so I poked around the hard drive and found this classic. I digitized some tapes for the AOD reissues and this one didn’t get used, but I really loved the WFMU in studio sets. The one from 1985 with White Flag is the best one, I think. I might have listened to that tape more than their albums.
The quality on this one is decent, but you can tell that they were playing pretty loud in the studio. This performance was just before their US tour in the summer of 87. Sounds like it may be one of the first shows with Keith Hartel (he is referred to as the new kid).

Recorded by: George Norton
Transfer by Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Nakamichi Dragon and M-Audio Audiophile 2496 card

Audio Live Performance