The Skull- Loaded, Hollywood Ca 10/19/13 Part 2 Trouble Doom Metal

Strange night. This was a local guy’s “birthday bash” with 5 local bands and then The Skull. The show started late, and ran later as the night went on. Eric Wagner, who is the mellowest guy in the world was even visibly irritated about it. They did not start their set until 1am, ended at 2:30. I was hurting the next day- my daughter woke me up at 7 or so. That was a long drive back to Sacramento. Shot with the HFM30.

This is part 2 only- you can find the rest of the show on Youtube

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy

Equipment Used: HFM30


Live Concert Video

Emily’s Army- 924 Gilman, Berkeley Ca. 10/12/13 1080p HD Master

I walked into a Kepi Ghoulie/Mean Jeans show in 2013 and there was this kickass band playing. The singer looked like he was about 12! The drummer was amazing! I went to the merch table to find out who they were. “Emily’s Army”. I did not find out later that the drummer has some famous relatives.

So, I went to Gilman with my newly acquired Canon HFG10 to film them. I also put a Canon HFM30 in the balcony. Well, neither angle turned out great so I did not edit them together, but they are both here for you to watch. EA at their peak here, playing to a packed house at Gilman. I went to unplug my equipment from the soundboard and the soundguy asks me “are you the dad of one of the band members” GRR. No sonny, I have been filming at Gilman since BEFORE YOU WERE BORN. Damned kids anyway.

Live Concert Video