I walked into a Kepi Ghoulie/Mean Jeans show in 2013 and there was this kickass band playing. The singer looked like he was about 12! The drummer was amazing! I went to the merch table to find out who they were. “Emily’s Army”. I did not find out later that the drummer has some famous relatives.

So, I went to Gilman with my newly acquired Canon HFG10 to film them. I also put a Canon HFM30 in the balcony. Well, neither angle turned out great so I did not edit them together, but they are both here for you to watch. EA at their peak here, playing to a packed house at Gilman. I went to unplug my equipment from the soundboard and the soundguy asks me “are you the dad of one of the band members” GRR. No sonny, I have been filming at Gilman since BEFORE YOU WERE BORN. Damned kids anyway.

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