Death or Glory Festival- Plainfield Station, Woodland Ca. 2005. Master DVD upload

Bonus video day! This is so cool- a great document of the punk scene in the mid- 2000’s. I loved Plainfield Station for shows. Totally laid back spot. I went to death or glory 2006 and had a great time. I went to another fest in 2013 and scored a ton of great records for $5 each. Nothing but good memories of the place. Are they still having shows(pre-pandemic of course)?

Features performances by:

The Abuse
American Static
Angel City Outcasts
Call to Arms
Crisis TMB
Los Dryheavers
The Forgotten
Hanover Saints
The Havoc
Killing the Dream
Madhouse Disciples
Monster Squad
Peligro Social
Plead the Fifth
Pressure Point
Red Tape
Sinking Ships
Suburban Threat
Subvert Citizens
The Vex
Whiskey Rebels

Live Concert