Field Day- Cafe Colonial, Sacramento Ca. 1/25/20 Multicamera Live video with Matrix Audio Dag Nasty

So many thanks are in order for this one. Thanks to Doug & the band for allowing me to video. Thanks to Sean Hills for bringing the band to town. Thanks to “Anonymous” for taping from the audience and doing the matrix/compression work. Thanks to Agelos(Tromster) for the edit… and finally thanks to the band again for doing some final touch-ups to the audio. Thanks everyone.
Also, my apologies to anyone who was there and had to endure my delirious over-caffeinated ramblings after being up for 36hrs due to a business trip.

Video Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Video Equipment used: Lumix GH5S, Gopro Hero 4 silver x3
Video enhancements: Degrain in Adobe Premiere/Neat video
Audio recorded by: Anonymous & Shayne Stacy
Audio Equipment used: Schoeps MK4 mics (Anon), Sony PCM-M10 into soundboard (Shayne)
Matrix/Compression: Anonymous
Audio/Video synch: Shayne via pluraleyes
Final input & audio adjustments: Doug Carrion & Peter Cortner
Edit: Tromster
Damn, what a team.

Live Concert Video

Dag Nasty- Thee Parkside, San Francisco 12/8/17 LIVE Multicam Minor Threat

I could ramble on and on about this one. This was the best show I have seen this year. The video turned out great as well- I encourage you all to actually watch this one. I was excited to see them, but I was not expecting this level of great. The club was sold out, and it is so small that means that you can’t move. at all. Luckily, I have these pole mounts from Jim Mclain and the club has 3 poles, so I was able to mount 3 cameras. I then wedged into a tiny 12″ x 12″ spot by the bands equipment to film the angle closest to Brian. Since moving was impossible, I asked Colin Sears to put my gopro on stage. He tossed it up there for me(thanks), but the angle is not completely pointed at him. It still turned out OK. The crowd sang along to every song. It was so much fun.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy

Edit by: Agelos/Tromster

Equipment Used: Canon HFG30, Canon HFG30 w/Rode Video Pro Stereo Mic, Canon HFG10, GoPro


Live Concert Video

Dag Nasty- Club Obsession (Club Me Cattle Club), Sacramento Ca 6/12/88 xfer from 8mm master Enhanced

I think this was the first time I ever set foot into the venue that would become the Cattle Club. Thanks to my old friend Greg Dean for bringing the band to Sacramento. This video was pretty much unwatchable before, due to it being too dark. The enhancements make it somewhat tolerable. I need to see if I have another audio source for this one, as the stock mic sounds like hell.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment Used: Aiwa CV80 & Stock Mic
Enhancement: Adobe Premiere brighten/increase exposure, denoise with neat video.


Live Concert Video

Dag Nasty- 924 Gilman, Berkeley Ca. 6/10/88 xfer from 8mm master enhanced

Man, I can’t believe this was 30 years ago. Dag Nasty was my favorite band at the time and I was pretty excited that I got permission to film. This set is very heavy on Field Day material. I brightened and increased exposure, and it is way better than before. It still sounds like hell, since I did not have the nice mic yet.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy

Equipment Used: Aiwa CV80 with stock mic

Enhanced: Adobe Premiere/neat video(denoise)

Live Concert Video

Dag Nasty- El Dorado Saloon, Sacramento Ca. 7/19/87 Audio only xfer from master tape LIVE

This was probably one of the most memorable punk shows that Stewart Katz put on. It was PACKED and skinheads were beating the hell out of each other. Dag Nasty stops one song due to fighting, and Peter Cortner changes lyrics to another. They also took a stab at Stewart during the show.
I also met my best friend, “Anonymous”, at this show. 30+ years later and we are still good friends. He taped this show witn an Aiwa hanheld recorder- excellent results.

Recorded by: Anonymous
Equipment Used: Aiwa Handheld Recorder
Enhancement: Bass boost/midrange drop/normalize in Sony Sound Forge.

Audio Live Concert

Flyer: Dag Nasty, Die Kreuzen, Doggy Style, more at Club Can’t Tell, Sacramento, CA 03/29/87

Dag Nasty, Die Kreuzen, Doggy Style, more
Club Can’t Tell
Sacramento, CA

Note: Doggy Style. The “Doggy Rock” version of the band played this show. They put out once record called “The Last Laugh”. Featured Brian Baker (Minor Threat, Dag Nasty, Bad Religion) and Doug Carrion (Dag Nasty, Descendents).

Flyer scan by Ken Doose


Dag Nasty- Club Can’t Tell, Sacramento Ca 3/29/87 xfer from master or 1st gen audiotape

I usually post Video on weekends but I had a busy day, so you get this. The audio quality isn’t great, but I think I was at this show and I know that a lot of my friends were there too. The quality gets really awful about 15min in, but then it improves for the rest of the show.
Flyer image courtesy of Ken Doose

Recorded by: Mark Martin, I think
Equipment used: Panasonic cosumer recorder
Transfer by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Nakamichi Dragon and M-Audio Audiophile 2496 card

Audio Live Concert