So many thanks are in order for this one. Thanks to Doug & the band for allowing me to video. Thanks to Sean Hills for bringing the band to town. Thanks to “Anonymous” for taping from the audience and doing the matrix/compression work. Thanks to Agelos(Tromster) for the edit… and finally thanks to the band again for doing some final touch-ups to the audio. Thanks everyone.
Also, my apologies to anyone who was there and had to endure my delirious over-caffeinated ramblings after being up for 36hrs due to a business trip.

Video Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Video Equipment used: Lumix GH5S, Gopro Hero 4 silver x3
Video enhancements: Degrain in Adobe Premiere/Neat video
Audio recorded by: Anonymous & Shayne Stacy
Audio Equipment used: Schoeps MK4 mics (Anon), Sony PCM-M10 into soundboard (Shayne)
Matrix/Compression: Anonymous
Audio/Video synch: Shayne via pluraleyes
Final input & audio adjustments: Doug Carrion & Peter Cortner
Edit: Tromster
Damn, what a team.

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