Bliss- Cattle Club, Sacramento Ca. 2/16/90 xfer from master tape!

The 80’s/early ’90s were an interesting time. You never knew when skinheads were going to come and screw up a show. Well, of all shows they decide to jump on stage during a Bliss show (!??!!) and bark about their hate. Then, during the last song Grant gets into it with the guy and they start rolling around on stage, fighting during the last song. Then chaos ensues and (I think) a team effort gets the skinhead out of the club. Just bizarre- Bliss is a band reminiscent of old SST acts, why would these guys even show up? Anyway, thanks Grant for bouncing.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy


Live Concert Video

Eugene Chadbourne & Jonathan Segel- Bear’s Lair, UC Berkeley 2/13/90 Xfer from Master tape LIVE

This was yet another memorable night. We(Jason & I) got to the show early, thinking that the show would start at a reasonable time… but no. It started at like 10 or 11pm. At 1am, I begged Jason to leave. I think he was pretty pissed that I dragged him out of there. Sorry Jason! Filmed with Aiwa CV80 & ECM909 mic

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy

Equipment Used:Aiwa CV80, Sony ECM909


Live Concert Video

NoMeansNo- Cattle Club, Sacramento CA 2/3/90 2 cam edit

1. Long Days – 00:30

2. Junk – 05:16

3. The Tower – 08:48

4. Brainless Wonder – 13:51

5. Dark Ages – 15:59

6. Two Lips, Two Lungs and One Tongue – 20:44

7. Rags and Bones – 23:44

8. Victory – 29:20

9. Oh No, Bruno! – 37:52

10. The Day Everything Became Nothing – 41:09

11. Dead Souls – 45:42

12. Cretin Hop (Ramones cover) – 48:18

13. No Sex – 49:55

14. Sex Mad – 53:30

15. The End of All Things – 59:05

16. Big Dick – 1:06:50

17. Tired of Waiting – 1:11:10

18. Dad – 1:12:58

Recorded by:  Shayne Stacy and Jerry Perry

Edited by: Jim McLain

Live Concert Video