Here’s something cool, to commemorate the 30th anniversary of this show. For the first time ever, here is Jim McLain’s edit of the full Nirvana set. There is another 2 camera edit out on Youtube, but that one is a totally different edit and it has different(inferior) audio. THIS one is the one that was shown at The Crest a couple of times.

A funny story about this show- I always used to ask the bands for permission to video. I went up to Kurt(remember, this is pre-internet. it was not easy to find a band photo) and asked him “Are you in Tad?”. He said no, he was in that other band. He gave me the OK to film and wrote his aunt’s address on a slip of paper… which I transferred to my personal contacts book and threw the original slip of paper away! D’oh! Kudos go out to Mark Martin for strongly encouraging me to go film this show- he was the early adopter of grunge among our circle of friends.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy (stage cam) & Jerry Perry (Cam on PA)

Equipment used: Aiwa CV80 w/Sony ECM909 mic(Shayne); ? Camcorder (Jerry)

Audio: 3 source mix- 2 video cameras & “Anonymous'” Sony WMD6C/ECM909 Mic recording

Edit & Sound mix: Jim McLain

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