Megadeth- Henry J. Kaiser Conv Ctr, Oakland Ca. 10/10/86 xfer from 1st? gen Audiotape

I transferred this one a few weeks ago but I assumed it sounded like hot garbage so I wasn’t going to post. It is not that bad for a 1986 audience tape in a room with poor acoustics.
From the sound of the tape, it sounds like it was mastered by Ricky (flat/no low end but somewhat clear). If so, it is a 1st gen.

Recorded by: Ricky?
Equipment used: Aiwa Handheld Recorder?

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Megadeth- El Dorado Saloon, Sacramento Ca. 8/13/86 xfer from Beta Master Tape!

Here is a much-improved transfer of this Megadeth show. I know that this one was well-circulated from my VHS dub of this, that I acquired in the 80s. This one is right off that master. Looks great!

Recorded by: Boston Marc
Equipment Used: Old beta camcorder

Here’s the backstory on the whole thing:
So I am probably going to go on forever about this one. I knew of a guy who filmed concerts in Sacramento back in the mid-80s. In fact, I gave him $20 to film my old punk band in 1987. I have been searching for this guy for YEARS. I was happy to reconnect with my old friend Jeff Maxwell a while back, and he remembered him but only had a first name- Mark.
So I was hanging out with Mike Parisi and I mentioned my search for 80s video guy, and he connected me to Mark Horner(formerly “mark the dark” of Arson), who told me he knew the guy! He gave me his name and number and I “cold called” him. It turns out that he has been wanting to get his videos on the internet, and Sac Music Archive sounded like a great place to do it! Thanks to everyone for making the connection happen!
So we hit a snag- he could not find the tapes. He finally found 1 of the tapes- a 30 year old BETA (not VHS) tape that was recorded in EP mode… and it looks AMAZING considering the age and equipment back then. WOW! Thanks Marc for filming and for loaning this to me. More to come.

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Megadeth- San Francisco Civic Center, San Francisco Ca. 12/31/85 Audio xfer from master tape

Here’s another show that Mark Martin taped. I was at the show, but I missed Megadeth’s set. We got there right after they finished and went backstage with them. They were in a TINY backstage room- maybe 8×8 feet. Anthony Schwartz, do you remember how small that room was? This show sounds pretty good for non-professional equipment, but there are some cuts early on as on the tape.

Recorded by: Mark Martin

Equipment Used: Nakamichi Dragon DR8 and EMU1212M audio card.

Audio Live Concert

Megadeth- Oasis Ballroom, Sacramento Ca. 12/22/85 xfer from master or 1st gen audio tape

I meant to post this yesterday but Jesse Davis came over to transfer a Umatic tape and much wackiness ensued. It kinda turned into a party.
This post is for Bobby Jordan- he asked for it. He actually wanted video, but video before 1988 is pretty rare around Sac. The quality of this is better than I remembered. I had it rated very low on my tape list but it is shockingly listenable. I think the nak dragon played through the damaged tape.

Recorded by: Mark Martin
Equipment used: Panasonic consumer recorder

Audio Live Concert

Megadeth- Crest Theater, Sacramento Ca. 7/29/85 Audio only xfer from Master Tape!

First off, sorry about the quality of this recording. The old Panasonic non-professional recorder could not handle extreme volume so this recording is poor. The reason I am posting it is because of the story behind it.
I went to this show with my cousin Anthony Schwartz. We were hanging out by the backstage area and I happened to run into my classmate Matt Polish- we had partied with Slayer together back in April, but were not close friends then(lifelong friends now). He was backstage with Megadeth- how does he always pull that off? He invited me (us? It has been about 30 years) backstage and we proceed to party with Megadeth after the show. This is my first direct encounter with a member of Metallica so I am pretty damned excited. The band asks me if there are any after parties happening. I knew of no parties happening, but the possibility of partying with Megadeth was too irresistible. My uncle Mike was away for the weekend (where my cousin Kim Cook lived) and the place was typically a party house, even when he was there. So I said “yeah, I know of a party, but it is in Citrus Heights”. The band WENT FOR IT and got the address from me.
The next *small* detail was telling this to my cousin Kim, who would be on the hook for this party. I let her know that I invited 2 FUCKING bands to her dad’s house to party and she just about killed me. At that point, it was too late to go back- they already had the address and they were coming. So, we hustle back to the house and wait… and about 30min later here comes Dave Mustaine, Gar Samuelson, Dave Ellefson, and Dan Beheler from Exciter. We proceed to party ALL NIGHT LONG. It was so much fun.
The rest of the details are a bit fuzzy, but here’s what I remember: Everyone from the bands were unbelievably cool. Gar was very mellow, kicked back on Kim’s bed just talking to all of us. I try to tell Mustaine that a rare Metallica album exists with him on it (hey, I was 17 and a dumb shit). He was totally gracious about it, and I whipped out a copy of Metal Mania (Ron Quintana) to show Mustaine a pic that showed what seemed to be an album. He blew it off- saying “that’s not an album”. Dan Beheler asks us what our favorite Exciter album is. EVERYONE in the place says their debut LP “heavy metal maniac”. He was in total disbelief. “that album sucks- why do you like it”. Ha ha!
I crashed out before sunrise, but Tony let me know that the last thing he saw from the night was Mustaine taking my Aunt and Uncle’s bottle of Dom Perignon and thanking us for the party, and leaving.

Kim Cook Anthony Schwartz please comment on what you remember from that night. Who else was there besides us, Christian Cook (who was freaking out that we were going to get busted), and Shannel?

Epilogue: Forward to 1992(7 years later) and I am at an MTV Rock n Jock baseball Game with my future stepson (that’s another story). Dave Mustaine is there and I toss my baseball over to him to sign and he looks at me.. and looooks. I did not say a word, I just let him wonder how the fuck he knew me. Ha ha!

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