American Flyer- Riolo’s Club, Roseville Ca. 1995/1996 xfer from 8mm master! LIVE

If you did not notice, I am going through my tape lists from A-Z and posting everything that I filmed, or that is from sacramento to prep for the sacramento concert archive website. Still on “A”. Haha. So, I was digging through my tapes a few years ago, transferring show. This one was unmarked on the tape, and I was wondering “what the hell”? Then I remembered- I filmed my cousin’s band at the (in)famous Riolo’s in Roseville! Hot damn! Many covers here, I hope the youtube copyright-bot doesn’t plonk me.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy


Live Concert Video

Identity Crysis- Rehearsal, Roseville Ca. 5/7/88 Mystic Records

OK, everyone is asking for old local stuff. I bought my first video camera on 5/6/88. I went straight to Gilman to film Operation Ivy and my battery died. The next day, the guys in Identity Crysis invited me over to their rehearsal space to video. They were based in roseville, and had a 7″ single on Mystic Records back around this time frame. Oh, also, since I had a new camera, I was video taping everything in sight.. so at the beginning you will get to see my mom’s old cat Molly (she was a jerk) and my mom briefly with her fabulous 80s hair. Enjoy.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy


Live Concert Video

IGD, Team Urinals, Last Warning, Outrage- Local Trash TV Show, Roseville Cable 1987ish

Here’s another one from Mark Murray’s collection. Roseville used to get away with so much stuff. Check out this episode- it has it all. Drunkeness, profanity and more. I love how Matt from IGD comes out strong- jumping up and down like crazy. Then, about 3 minutes in, he is so winded that he can’t sing. HA HA!

Recorded by: Mark Murray


Live Concert Video

Gravelgut- Jones Hall, Roseville Ca. 5/3/86 R.I.P. Chris White

First of all, please don’t expect much with the quality of this recording. This was before we bought the pro walkmen and DAT recorders… but it is one of the only Gravelgut recordings I am aware of. This show is so awesome. 13 minute set! The band that went on right before (or after, can’t remember) taunted the crowd, and you can hear Chris politely thanking Stew Katz for allowing local bands on shows like this. Troy Tausch’s drum sound is huge on this show. I hope you enjoy despite the quality. For Troy, Ken Legee, and all of the rest of the rocklin/roseville gang. Recorded by Mark Martin with a panasonic cassette recorder.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy



Exodus- Jones Hall, Roseville Ca. 5/3/86 xfer from master audio cassette

This was a memorable show. Anthrax cancelled and Exodus played an extra-long set as the headliner, which was awesome! When they played these long sets in early 86, they sometimes whip out some of the pre-LP stuff (like Hell’s Breath). I was managing one of the opening bands at the time- Rigor Mortis. Matt Polish went up and started to taunt the audience, and I remember a huge wave of people running up to the stage wanting a piece of Matt.

Recorded by: Mark Martin

Equipment Used: Consumer Panasonic Recorder

Audio Live Concert