TOTAL CHAOS live in Sacramento – Feb 5th, 2019 @ Holy Diver

TOTAL CHAOS live in Sacramento – Feb 5th, 2019 @ Holy Diver via Zoran Theodorovic and Capital Chaos TV

2017 over 28 years ago (Sept.-Oct. 1989) in Pomona Valley, CA was the birth of Total Chaos. Created out of the desperate need to save a dying genre of punk rock- during a time that the market was saturated with a more commercial new style. Along the side of a dedicated few other bands who believed in the dying genre and all that it represented- to them it was not only music- but a forum- to convey important political and social views. Total Chaos along with many others started organizations such as- UVP (United Valley Punks) OCP (Orange County Peace Punks) and AGC (Alternative Gathering Collective)- holding social events like- Food Not Bombs- giving support to the Big Mountain Indian Reservation and helping to open the Los Angeles Anarchist Center


Live Concert Video

Municipal Waste- Undisclosed Location, Sacramento Ca. 2/24/18 7 Camera Multicam w/ Soundboard Audio

This one turned out great despite the complete chaos in the room. This is a SEVEN camera multicam- thanks to Jesse Davis and Zoran Theodorovic for sharing their angles for this one. Thanks to John Taylor & MW’s soundman for the killer sound.
The crowd was so wild that cameras were getting knocked around. My G10 gets hit right at the start of the show and points up and to the left… but Jesse put it back pretty quickly- thanks.
One of the most intense shows I have ever been to.


Recorded by: Jesse Davis, Shayne Stacy, Zoran Theorodovic and Capital Chaos TV

Equipment Used: Canon HFG40, Canon HFG10, Gopro, Jesse’s canon cams, Zoran;s DSLR.

Audio: Soundboard w/Sony M10

Live Concert Video

Hoods @ Den Of Sin 12/16/17

Hoods perform new music @ Den Of Sin – Sacramento, California 12/16/17 with Terror, Sworn Vengeance & Peace Killers

Hoods is a metalcore band from Sacramento, California. Formed in 1994 by Mike (Hood) Mraz who later added Logan Murray, Tony Goodloe and Billy Gaffney. Hoods shows influences such as Madball, Sick of It All, Minor Threat and Cro-Mags. They released their first EP entitled Once Again in 1996 and concentrated on live performances. After numerous fights between fans and an altercation between a couple of the band members and a police officer, the band was more or less forced out of the Sacramento area. The band concentrated efforts on the San Francisco Bay Area playing shows with groups such as Powerhouse, Redemption 87 and Skin Lab. In 1997 after a disagreement with bandmates and his mother’s illness Gaffney left and was replaced by Jeremy. Murray and Goldoe then left and were replaced by Ben and Mario. Mike was the only original member left. The Hoods were dropped from Victory Records. They signed with Eulogy Recordings in 2005 and released The King Is Dead. The group released a new album, Ghetto Blaster, on April 24, 2007. The newest release Pit Beast dropped in late May 2009 after the band signed with I Scream Records. In 2014 the band signed with Artery Recordings and released “Gato Negro”.

Live Concert Video