The Posies- Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco Ca. 9/19/98 Audio xfer DAT Soundboard Live LAST SHOW

Man, this is totally going to be a tl:dr.
So in 1998, The Posies announced that they were calling it a day. They announced their final show at Bottom of the Hill in SF, which was an odd choice of location since they are known as a Seattle band! B.O.T.H. shows are notoriously late- they usually go until 1:30-2am, which is really tough on out of towners like me (2 hours home).
This show was special- since it was The Posies “last show”, they kept playing and playing… and Ken got naked for one of the encores, and they ended up playing for almost 2 hours. They finally ended at 2:30am or so.
I get out of the venue with some of my friends… and MY CAR IS GONE. I think it has been stolen and start freaking out. One of my friends (Jason Smoliak or Jason Sherrett I think) offered to drive me around to try to find the car. It was on the block over- I was already delirious from lack of sleep!
So I start driving home. I get over the Bay Bridge and 80 is fucking CLOSED. They put me on 580 with no choice. I had no idea how to get home- remember, this was before GPS/Cell Phones were common. So I happen to see a sign for hwy 13 and head that way. At this point it is about 3:30am so I stop and call my wife on the pay phone to let her know I will be super late, and it goes to voicemail. What the hell.
I fight falling asleep at the wheel and finally make it home around 5 or 5:30am. I walk in the door and wife starts screaming “I THOUGHT YOU WERE DEAD!”. Well, pick up the damned phone. I get a whopping 2 or 3 hours sleep before the 3 and 5 year olds beat on my head to wake up.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy & Kelly Minnis
Equipment used: Sony TCDD7 DAT (plus Kelly’s)

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