Pretty Girls- Jay’s, Missoula, Mt. 7/24/02 xfer f/band archive VHS Enhanced Chris Woodhouse Multicam

Happy video weekend everyone! I got a phone call at 5am (after going to bed at midnight) and I am trashed today. Sometimes I can operate on 5hrs sleep.. today is not one of those days.
This is the first post from Ed Carroll’s collection of tapes. He gave me the bag O’ tapes earlier this year and you’ll be seeing about one post a week from his stash here. Here he is with other Sacramento legends in a band I totally missed when they were around, The Pretty Girls. Great garagey pop. After watching/listening to this, I hopped on discogs and bought the CD… from Italy. Why is garage rock so popular there?
Anyway, I think the band members are: Mike Diaz, Ed Carroll, Jason Patrone and Huy Ngo. I think, please correct me if I am wrong. Is Woodhouse in there somewhere?

From Ed Carroll’s collection
Transfer by Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: JVC HRS-9900U- Datavideo TBC1000 – Tevion USB Adapter — Virtualdub
Enhanced (degrain) in Adobe Premiere Elements and Neat Video

Live Concert Video