VERBAL ABUSE- BLUE LAMP, Sacramento Ca. 7/19/19 Multicam w/Matrix Audio

My wife & I went on another date night to the Verbal Abuse & MDC show. Jesse Davis was there with a few of his cameras so I took the night off. I contributed the soundboard audio to the mix. Here’s 2 songs from that show.

Recorded by: Jesse Davis (+ 1 other camera guy)
Equipment used: 4 camera edit. Sound Matrix is 2 sony mics, 1 realistic, a zoom h4n, and stereo soundboard by shayne stacy.

Edit by: Jesse Davis

Live Concert Video

Flipper- Blue Lamp, Sacramento Ca. 7/12/19 Live 5 Multicamera w/Matrix Audio

With Ben & Gabi announcing the sale of the Blue Lamp, I thought it would be nice to remind people of the good times there. Thanks to you both & AJ & Chris for putting up with empty shows for so long.

OK, on to this show. Flipper was NOT empty. In fact, the show was sold out. It was a killer show, and I really want to thank Stephen for giving permission to film- very nice of you.

Here are the details: Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Video Equipment used: Canon HFG40 x2, Gopro Hero4 silver x3(enhanced in adobe permiere + neat video)
Audio Equipment used: Sony PCM-M10 through the soundboard + Rode Videomic Pro Stereo audience
Audio Matrix: Shayne Stacy (my first one ever!)
Edit by: Tromster
Sound engineer: Andrew Scott

Video Live Concert

Frack! – Blue Lamp, Sacramento Ca. 7/12/19 Live HD Master Video Canon HF G40 Black Flag cover

I have seen Frack about 5 times now and this was their best set I have seen. You could tell that they were pretty happy to be opening the sold-out Flipper show. The new songs sound great, while keeping in the best of the older ones. Features the crowd pleasing Rise Above cover, like you’ve never heard before!

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Canon HF G40 & Rode Videomic Pro Stereo

Live Concert Video

CHRCH- Blue Lamp, Sacramento Ca. 7/5/19 Live 4K HD Video w/ Rode Videomic Pro Stereo

Man, it has been over a year since I saw CHRCH play. They are always slow and heavy, like a heavy blanket.. that tries to smother and kill you… or maybe it was so heavy that I was having a slight panic attack. Whichever it was, I couldn’t breathe. That’s heavy!
Since the last time I saw them, I got this cool new camera that records really well in low lighting, and in red lighting, and in 4k. I like how this one turned out.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Panasonic GH5S, Lumix G X Vario 12-35mm f/2.8 II ASPH Lens, Rode Videomic Pro Stereo

Live Concert Video

Usnea- Blue Lamp, Sacramento Ca. 7/5/19 HD Master Live Video Death Funeral Doom

Usnea came from Oregon to do this run of shows with CHRCH. They are on Relapse Records and they are a perfect match to play with CHRCH. Their 6 song album is about an hour long. I like the 2 vocalists- it’s like Extreme Noise Terror, but slower.
I forgot my good mic so audio is courtesy of the stock mic on the new DSLR. It is not as bad as I expected. The MVP of the night is my wife, who drove the Rode mic from Orangevale to the Blue Lamp. That’s why this video cuts at about 40:00 and resumes with better audio. I ran out in the middle of Alhambra Blvd with my camera in hand to get the mic as she drove by. The last 5min sound great!

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Panasonic GH5S, Lumix G X Vario 12-35mm f/2.8 II ASPH Lens, Stock Mic (Duh) 1st 40min, Rode Videomic Pro Stereo last 5min.

Live Concert Video