G.B.H.- Harlow’s, Sacramento Ca. 5/29/18 5 Cam Multicam with Soundboard Audio GBH

G.B.H. came through town last month and they were really great. I have seen them twice over the past year and they really bring the energy, 40 years in. The video turned out great- thanks to Agelos for the edit, to JT for the soundboard mix, to Zoran for telling me that someone crowdsurfed into a G30 so I could fix it quickly, to Brian McKenna for securing permission that afternoon, and to Jim McLain for sharing his pole mount/bungee idea with me. Harlow’s & Thee Parkside are the best places for the pole mounts!
FIlmed by: Shayne Stacy
Edited by: Tromster
Equipment used: Canon HFG40, 2x Canon HFG30, 1x HFG10, and 1 Gopro hero 4 silver on the drummer.

Live Concert Video

GBH- Cornerstone, Berkeley Ca. 9/29/17 LIVE Multicam with Soundboard Audio G.B.H.

This video is good, but a bit chaotic. First of all, I could NOT find parking at cornerstone(I looked for 30min!) so I parked in a garage 4 blocks away. The garage closed at midnight, and GBH were playing until 12:15am, so that posed a problem. Also, a happy little stagediver kicked over the stage gopro about halfway into the set. so, you get: 3 cameras for the 1st ~35min 2 cameras (no gopro) for the next ~25min 1 camera (the vibrated/blurry balcony angle) for the encores. Sorry. It’s still good and it sounds awesome. On that note, if anyone rips and bootlegs this audio, I will hunt you down.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy

Equipment Used: GoPro


Live Concert Video

G.B.H. – Oasis Ballroom, Sacramento Ca. 7/16/86 xfer from Master or 1st gen cassette Audio GBH

alright, I got my Nakamichi Dragon cassette deck back and I had to test it out, so here are a couple of shows for you. GBH is coming to Sacramento tomorrow- thanks to Brian for bringing them for the first time in a while. Here is a tape from the archive, done with the old non-pro setup. It doesn’t sound that terrible, given the room and the recorder. Taped by with Mark Martin or Ricky. Mark, do you know if you taped this? Is this tape the master?


Recorded by: Mark Martin (I think)

Equipment Used: Panasonic recorder (I think)

Audio Live Concert

G.B.H.- On Broadway, San Francisco 3/9/84 xfer from unknown gen audio cassette GBH

Mediocre Monday- a special “Daylight savings time is screwing up my sleep patterns” edition.
My friend Eric McIntire asked for this one to be digitized, so I figured I would post it as well. G.B.H. is coming to cornerstone in Berkeley in May with MDC opening. Can’t miss show!!
No idea who recorded this one- this was in Mark Martin’s collection that I inherited in the mid-80s

Transfer by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Nakamichi Dragon and M-Audio Audiophile 2496 card

Audio Live Concert