Danzig- The Stone, San Francisco Ca. 6/18/89 Master Tape xfer Sony Pro Walkman WMD6C Samhain Misfits

OK, time for an old man ramble. I had bought a ticket for this show well in advance, but then I realized that the show was on Fathers Day. A big group from my Dad’s side of the family went to the Giants game, and I went as well. After the game, I had some friends of my dad drop me off at The Stone.. at about 5 or 6pm. I hung out on Broadway street for HOURS, waiting for the doors to open.
Being there by myself was a huge risk, as I had my Sony Pro Walkman with me and security was pretty tight at the club. If I got caught at the door(or while taping), there was no place to me to take my deck. I would be stuck waiting outside. Luckily, I got everything in.
Show was PACKED so I could not get a really good taping spot, but it still sounds pretty good. It was a bit bassy, so I fixed it up a bit in Izotope.
After the show, I was supposed to get a ride with Mark Martin but I could never find him. I panicked and went with Greg Johnson instead. Mark called me the next day SO pissed off- they waited for an hour after the show, trying to find me. I’m still sorry about that.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Sony WMD6C & ECM-909 mic
Rebalanced in Izotope (boost vocals a lot, drums & guitar a little.
Transfer with Nakamichi Dragon & M-Audio Audiophile 2496 card.

Audio Live Concert

Slayer- Backstage @ The Stone, San Francisco Ca. 8/12/88

Man, this one is hard to watch. I have only lost 1 of my master tapes and it was this one. If anyone happens to see an 8mm videotape with This, Dehumanizers from Danceteria in sac, and Flower Leperds from Gilman (all in August of 1988), please let me know. REWARD OFFERED. This fair quality/generated footage exists because Jesse Davis was kind enough to dig it out of a box of old VHS tapes he traded for, years ago. Thank you!

Anyway, Matt Polish was friends with the band and we had hung out with/partied with/chauffeured the band many times so hanging backstage was common… but this was the first time I had my NEW video camera, so we were all screwing around with it backstage. I was planning on filming from the stage, but KERRY knew I was a tape trader and told his security to not let me film. GRRR

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy & Matt Polish
Equipment used: Aiwa CV-88 & Stock mic.

This was requested by Zoran. I am the guy in the white Adrenalin O.D. shirt


Fishbone- The Stone, San Francisco Ca 6/19/86 xfer from low gen cassette

This was on the “B” side of the tape with the RKL set that I posted yesterday. It’s poor quality, but I found this setlist from the show on the fishbonelive.com website and it sounds like a recording has never surfaced. There was a setlist image on the site that I used for the photo here. Thanks fishbonelive!
Anyway, this recording is just a bunch of distortion. That’s what happens when you mix rock concert volume with consumer recording gear. Oh well, I hope someone will appreciate it.

Recorded by: ? (from Barry Ward archive)
Transfer by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Nakamichi Dragon and M-Audio Audiophile 2496 card

Audio Live Concert