Uncle Tupelo- Mississippi Nights, St. Louis Mo 4/30/94 xfer from Hi8 Master w/Soundboard Audio!

Hi Everyone! I checked youtube, and I am really surprised that this full show was not posted yet. Usually any old, popular master of mine is posted by some random youtuber and they get 100k views. 🙂 So this was an interesting time. I had burned all of my vacation time following Pavement around the southwest in early 1994 and was not planning to see UT until they toured California again. Then my good friend Jim Utz calls me and tells me that rumors are flying about a breakup. I called Tony M (back when he was accessible) and he confirmed it. So I flew to see that last 2 shows. I flew in after work on Friday, saw the shows Sat/Sun night, then flew back 1st thing Monday morning to get to work that day. This show turned out great. Everyone was buying me drinks so I got super hammered but you can’t really tell in my camera work. Enjoy!

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy


Live Concert Video