Flyer: Dag Nasty, Die Kreuzen, Doggy Style, more at Club Can’t Tell, Sacramento, CA 03/29/87

Dag Nasty, Die Kreuzen, Doggy Style, more
Club Can’t Tell
Sacramento, CA

Note: Doggy Style. The “Doggy Rock” version of the band played this show. They put out once record called “The Last Laugh”. Featured Brian Baker (Minor Threat, Dag Nasty, Bad Religion) and Doug Carrion (Dag Nasty, Descendents).

Flyer scan by Ken Doose


Dag Nasty- Club Can’t Tell, Sacramento Ca 3/29/87 xfer from master or 1st gen audiotape

I usually post Video on weekends but I had a busy day, so you get this. The audio quality isn’t great, but I think I was at this show and I know that a lot of my friends were there too. The quality gets really awful about 15min in, but then it improves for the rest of the show.
Flyer image courtesy of Ken Doose

Recorded by: Mark Martin, I think
Equipment used: Panasonic cosumer recorder
Transfer by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Nakamichi Dragon and M-Audio Audiophile 2496 card

Audio Live Concert

Condemned Attitude- River Thtr, Guerneville 3/22/87 xfer from band VHS with soundboard audio enhance

Here is an EARLY but cool post today. I was good friends with the guys in condemned attitude so they lent me their copy of the vhs tape of the show. I also got a soundboard tape either from them, or in trade from Ron Quintana.
Now that we have good hardware (vhs decks and cassette decks) and software(Adobe premiere and neat video, isotope rx), we can make this one somewhat better than before.

recorded by: Ron Quintana?
Transfer by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: JVC HRS-9800 and Canopus ADVC-30]
Video enhanced in Adobe premier elements/neat video (brighten/contrast/denoise)
Audio enhanced in Izotope rx7 (boost guitar and bass)

Live Concert Video

Andy Andersen backstage River Thtr Guerneville 3/22/87 w/Cryptic Slaughter MITFR Attitude Werhmacht

Here’s something fun- MANY years back (about 34 years), Andy lent me a few of his VHS tapes. This clip of pure insanity was on one of the tapes. This is Andy’s footage from before the River Thtr show with Cryptic Slaughter, Condemned Attitude, Attitude Adjustment and Wehrmacht. There is also footage from after the show- the drive back and the return that night to KUSF studios where Keith Chatham is talking about the Condemned LP and Ron and Harald are DJ’ing.
SO MANY people to mention on here- Ron, Harald, Andy, Keith, Toby Rage?, Tony the due?, Sherwood, Jeff Becerra, Sacrilege. All being completely nuts, making fun of skinheads, and many stream of consciousness interviews. Just classic.

Recorded by: Andy Andersen and Ron Quintana
Transfer by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: JVC HRS9800U and Canopus ADVC300
Enhanced (Brightness/contrast/exposure) in Adobe Premiere and noise reduction via Neat Video

Live Performance Video

C.O.C. Corrosion of Conformity- Club Can’t Tell, Sacramento Ca. 3/14/87 xfer from audio tape

In remembrance of Reed Mullin, I’ll be posting a few C.O.C. shows over the next few days. The first one is one that I know Jeff Arellano (Gus Buss) will be happy to see- he proclaimed this show to be the best C.O.C. show ever.
I usually have good lineage info on Sacramento recordings, but this one is a bit of a mystery. It does not appear to be one of the tapes I got from Mark Martin’s collection. It looks like I might have traded with someone outside of sacramento for it… but there is very little tape hiss. Odd.

Recorded by: Unknown
Transfer by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Nakamichi Dragon, Audiophile 2496 card, Reaper, Sony Sound Forge for normalization and bass boost (yes, it was even less bassy than this).

Audio Live Concert

Concerned Children Rebel (C.C.R.)- Rehearsal, Pus Cavern, Sacramento Early 1987

Here’s a Sacramento punk band that played a couple shows and broke up. CCR were:
John Conley & Mike Yoas: Guitar
Travis noonecanrememberhislastname: bass
Scott Oakes- Drums
Shayne Stacy- Vocals

This was recorded at a rehearsal in early 1987. Transfer from master cassette recording

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: a Montgomery Ward boombox
Transfer by: Shayne Stacy
Xfer equipment: Nakamichi Dragon & Audiophile 2496 card

Audio Live Performance