Naked Raygun- Distillery, Sacramento Ca. 12/6/07 xfer from master tape!

This was a memorable show. The Distillery is TINY and it was completely packed for this show. There was a scheduling problem- someone booked 4 opening bands and by the time NR got on stage, they ahd to cut the set short. Bummer. They said that this show felt like the old days when they played small clubs in chicago. Filmed with the Panasonic Pro AG-DVC30 camera and Shure VP-88 mic (which was wired incorrectly by my friends at Sweetwater). Jim Mclain made a nice audio recording of this show, we should add that audio to this video.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy

Equipment Used: Panasonic Pro AG-DVC30, Shure VP-88 Mic


Live Concert Video