Barbara Manning- Old Columbia Schoolhouse, Columbia Ca. 11/25/00 1st set Xfer DAT Master Coresound

Hey everyone, I hope you had a nice memorial day. Here is another Mediocre Monday post, but not due to the performance. This was a very special show- Barbara’s mom (and Barbara for a stretch) lived in this area and this was an amazing “hometown” show with Barbara’s Mom and other long time friends in attendance, up in the hills above Nevada City in this old schoolhouse. The ambiance reminded me of the Palms in Davis.
Unfortunately, I decided to put my mics in the back of this huge, cavernous room and the tape suffers as a result. Just wait until you hear the 2nd set tomorrow. Mic placement matters, y’all.
I got the nice surprise of seeing Barbara on Friday at Alex’ Bar in Long Beach at the Fear show. It was nice seeing her and her husband, and she gave me a big hug even though I was puked on (more on that later).. so I figured I would post another Barbara master. Enjoy!

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Sony TCD-D7 and Coresound mics with battery box bass roloff
Transfer with Sony PCM-R500 and M-Audio Audiophile 2496 card

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Barbara Manning- Old Columbia schoolhouse 11/25/00 2nd set DAT Master xfer Coresound Mics

Here is the continuation of yesterday’s post. I moved my mics up right next to the PA for this set and it sounds much better in my opinion. The raw recording was almost all vocals with very little guitar but I was able to boost up the channel pointed toward Barbara and it made it sound a lot better! Unfortunately, 2nd set was only 30min.
Again, a really great show in an amazing venue in the woods, with many long-time family in friends in attendance.

Recorded by Shayne Stacy
Equipment Used: Sony TCD-D7 and Coresound Binaural mics with battery box bass roloff
“rebalance” (channel volume adjustment) in Sony Sound Forge 10

Audio Live Concert

Uncle Tupelo- Blue Note, Columbia Mo. 11/13/92 xfer f/ Hi8 Master Video Tape w/ DAT Audio Live

Here is the last UT show from the November of 1992 run that I taped. I was supposed to go to Kansas City the next night and then drive 12 hours straight through the night to catch my plane in Chicago, but my body told me that wasn’t going to happen. I went to the Didjits show with Jim Utz instead.
Anyway, I got to Columbia in the early afternoon and tried to find a liquor store for some beer. I saw this place with the sign “Liquor Guns and Ammo”, so I went in and saw that they only had lousy beer, so I bailed. It didn’t even occur to me until years later the store I was in was probably the same one described in UT’s song “Whiskey Bottle”. Duh.
I conked out before the show and got there a little late. I get in the club and it is PACKED. Like, sold out packed… and I am late and I have no place to film. I had to wedge myself between some people and use my tripod like a monopod- hanging it over the railing on the balcony a bit to get a clear shot. I think it still turned out pretty good. The only downside of that approach was the DAT recording. I could not tend to the DAT so the battery dies during the last song, so you get crappy stock camera audio for that one.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Sony TR-81, Sony TCD-D3 DAT w/Nakamichi CM300 mic.
Enhanced (degrain) via Adobe Premiere Elements/Neat Video
Audio/Video synch via pluraleyes.

Live Concert Video

Uncle Tupelo- Blue Note, Columbia Mo. 1/25/92 xfer from band archive cassette-DAT Nirvana Cover

I got the last Uncle Tupelo Band Archive DAT back from the repair man, and he was able to salvage some of the shows on it. I will tell you about the saga of DAT# 253 at a later time.
Anyway, this show does not sound very good. The one redeeming quality that it does have, is the only complete performance of the band’s Mashup of Smells Like Teen Spirit/Stepping stone. If you want to hear Uncle Tupelo do Nirvana (kinda), forward to about the 1 hour mark in this show.

Recorded by: ?
Transfer by: Shayne Stacy
Transfer equipment: Aiwa cassette deck line in to Sony DTC-690 DAT
Transfer from DAT with Sony PCM-R500 and M-Audio 2496 card
EQ in Sony Soundforge 10 (boost highs, drop mids)

Setlist courtesy of
Before I Break/ Discarded/ Gun/ Fall Down Easy/ Watch Me Fall/ Looking For A Way Out/ Nothing/ So Called Friend/ Cold Shoulder/ True to Life/ D.Boon/ ?/ Punch Drunk/ Still Be Around/ Postcard/ Screen Door/ Graveyard Shift/ I Found That Essence Rare/ John Hardy/ Smells Like Teen Spirit-Stepping Stone/ Love’s Gonna Live Here/ No Depression/ Off The Hook/ I Wanna Destroy You/ Factory Belt/ Sin City

Audio Live Concert

Uncle Tupelo- Blue Note, Columbia MO 2/16/91 Audio only soundboard xfer from band archive tape

Here’s the last Uncle Tupelo post for a bit- there is still a lot more to post… but this is one of the best shows in the band’s archive. Just a killer set and those encores! They did not do Dinosaur Jr’s Freak Scene often.

Setlist (courtesy site):
Factory Belt/ No Depression/ Postcard/ Train/ Flatness/ Punch Drunk/ D.Boon/ Discarded/ Life Worth Livin’/ Nothing/ True to Life/ Outdone/ Watch Me Fall/ Before I Break/ Gun/ Wasn’t Born to Follow/ Screen Door/ I Got Drunk/ t-shirt song/ Whiskey Bottle (cut)/ That Year/ Graveyard Shift/ Atomic Power/ Left in the Dark/ Freak Scene/ Fortunate Son/ Gimme, Gimme, Gimme/ Down By The River/ Baby Please Don’t Go/ There Was A Time

Recorded by: Tony Margherita
Transferred by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: 1994 DAT transfer- Playback with consumer Aiwa belt drive deck (big regret)- Sony DTC690 using monster audio cables.
Equipment used: 2019 DAT to WAV transfer: Sony PCM-R500 — Audiophile 2496 card — WAV
Transfer Lineage: Band Archive Tape – My DAT (90 meter DAT in 32khz- big regret) – You

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Uncle Tupelo- Blue Note, Columbia Mo 11/29/90 Band Archive Soundboard Casette to DAT xfer incomplete

OK, so I guess it is time to tell the saga of DAT #251. I have already told the story of getting the Uncle Tupelo band archive tapes on one of my coffee creek posts, years back. Once I learned that the tapes were coming, I ordered a box of 10 DATs to use so I could copy them from cassette to DAT. Well, the tape supplier sent me the wrong tape- they sent me 90 meter DATs (3 hour) rather than 60 meter (2 hour). I did not have time to deal with returns and I thought “hey, it’s a free hour per tape” so I put the entire UT archive on these things (except for 1 tape). I now know that 90 meter DATs are notorious for errors and jamming up, and that’s exactly what happened with DAT #251. It seized up and broke so and I tried to splice it myself and made it worse. We recently sent the tape to a guy who specializes in fixing these… and it was too screwed up. He said it was the most damaged tape he had ever seen. He sent me a file with the salvaged files.
This show is actually 90 minutes long. Only the first 60min were able to be saved, and this one cuts off before it really gets good! I will need to get one of those DAT clones (or someone transfer the 32khz file) I sent to people so we can do a proper transfer of the full show. Bummer.

Recorded by: Tony Margherita?
Band archive tape digitized by Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Aiwa consumer deck and Sony DTC-690
DAT xfer by Bill Reutelhuber

Setlist (courtesy of 11/29/90 – Blue Note, Columbia, MO
Life Worth Livin’/ Punch Drunk/ Watch Me Fall/ Postcard/ Gun/ Discarded/ Flatness/ Outdone/ Sauget Wind/ Train/ Wasn’t Born to Follow/ Atomic Power/ Nothing/ Before I Break/ That Year/ Country Home/ True to Life/ D.Boon/ I’ve Been Working On the Railroad/ Factory Belt/(HERE IS WHERE IT CUTS) ?/ Do Re Mi/ Freak Scene/ Whiskey Bottle/ No Depression/ No Matter What/ I Got Drunk/ Graveyard Shift/ Cortez The Killer (w/ Brian Henneman, cut)

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Uncle Tupelo- Blue Note, Columbia Mo 8/22/88 xfer from band archive audio tape Soundboard

This was one of my favorite shows from Tony’s archive. They must have thought it was good as well- they used a few songs from this for one of their first demo tapes “Live and Otherwise”.
Great mix, and incredible covers.

Setlist courtesy of
Maggie’s Farm/ I Got Drunk/ Cocaine Blues/ Cinnamon Girl/ Screen Door/ Before I Break/ Gimme, Gimme, Gimme/ No Depression/ Graveyard Shift/ Pickle River/ Life Worth Livin’/ Fortunate Son/ That Year/ Baby Please Don’t Go/ Dead Flowers/ Down By the River/ Good Times

Recorded by: Tony Marghertia(?)
Transferred by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: 1994 DAT transfer- Playback with consumer Aiwa belt drive deck (big regret)- Sony DTC690 using monster audio cables.
Equipment used: 2019 DAT to WAV transfer: Sony PCM-R500 — Audiophile 2496 card — WAV
Transfer Lineage: Band Archive Tape – My DAT (90 meter DAT in 32khz- big regret) – You

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