OK, so I guess it is time to tell the saga of DAT #251. I have already told the story of getting the Uncle Tupelo band archive tapes on one of my coffee creek posts, years back. Once I learned that the tapes were coming, I ordered a box of 10 DATs to use so I could copy them from cassette to DAT. Well, the tape supplier sent me the wrong tape- they sent me 90 meter DATs (3 hour) rather than 60 meter (2 hour). I did not have time to deal with returns and I thought “hey, it’s a free hour per tape” so I put the entire UT archive on these things (except for 1 tape). I now know that 90 meter DATs are notorious for errors and jamming up, and that’s exactly what happened with DAT #251. It seized up and broke so and I tried to splice it myself and made it worse. We recently sent the tape to a guy who specializes in fixing these… and it was too screwed up. He said it was the most damaged tape he had ever seen. He sent me a file with the salvaged files.
This show is actually 90 minutes long. Only the first 60min were able to be saved, and this one cuts off before it really gets good! I will need to get one of those DAT clones (or someone transfer the 32khz file) I sent to people so we can do a proper transfer of the full show. Bummer.

Recorded by: Tony Margherita?
Band archive tape digitized by Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Aiwa consumer deck and Sony DTC-690
DAT xfer by Bill Reutelhuber

Setlist (courtesy of factorybelt.net): 11/29/90 – Blue Note, Columbia, MO
Life Worth Livin’/ Punch Drunk/ Watch Me Fall/ Postcard/ Gun/ Discarded/ Flatness/ Outdone/ Sauget Wind/ Train/ Wasn’t Born to Follow/ Atomic Power/ Nothing/ Before I Break/ That Year/ Country Home/ True to Life/ D.Boon/ I’ve Been Working On the Railroad/ Factory Belt/(HERE IS WHERE IT CUTS) ?/ Do Re Mi/ Freak Scene/ Whiskey Bottle/ No Depression/ No Matter What/ I Got Drunk/ Graveyard Shift/ Cortez The Killer (w/ Brian Henneman, cut)

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