Jason Lytle- Press Club, Sacramento Ca. 5/7/07 Master Digital Audio Live DPA4061 Mics

There are a few shows at Press Club that really stand out as being really special to me. Son Volt in 95, Barbara Manning in 2000(I booked this one), Fastbacks in 200x… and more recently, Smoking Popes, Mean Jeans, and tons of awesome local bands.
This one is also an all-time favorite. I was a huge Lytle fan at the time (late comer in 2003), and I had not been able to see him perform a full set before. My friend “Anonymous” recorded the show. I got there about 30 seconds before Jason started his first song. Thanks Anonymous!
Thanks Ira and Club Pow for making the show happen

Recorded by: Anonymous
Equipment used: DPA4061 mics/Church Audio 9100 preamp/Edirol R-09 Digital recorder

Audio Live Concert