The Muffs- Burger Boogaloo, Oakland Ca. 7/6/14 Part 1 2 camera Multicam

This one turned out pretty good. My wife and I went to this show to see the Muffs. We got to see many “burger records bands” and watch the “burger records crowd” before seeing the muffs. This is the first time my wife ever ran a 2nd camera for me. Stage camera: HFG10 with Rode Video Pro Mic, Camera 2 HFM30. Thanks to Agelos, Bong for the editing and help. You guys rock!

This is part 1 only- you can find the rest of the show on Youtube

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy & Janice Tang

Equipment Used: HFG10, Rode Video Pro Mic, HFM30

Edited/Remixed By: Agelos, Bong

Audio Live Concert