Barbara Manning- Melarkey’s, Sacramento Ca 7/25/97 Audio only xfer from DAT master soundboard

Here’s another post in memory of Lane Campbell from Postcard. I need to recognize the Postcard group — they are an email list of about 1,000 people. I have been on the list for about 20 years but I do not post often (lurker). The way that they have come together to support Lane, Lane’s family and each other through this tragedy has been incredible. Impromptu fundraising for Lane, phone lists in case anyone needs someone to talk to, and love/support for each other. Thank you.

Lane loved Barbara and they were personal friends. This recording comes from Melarkey’s when she toured solo as an opening act with Bettie Serveert. I am shocked that there are ZERO pictures of Melarkeys on the internet.

Thanks to John Taylor for the sweet mix. Yet another Brian Mckenna production.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Sony TCD-D7

Audio Live Concert

Redd Kross- Melarkey’s, Sacramento Ca. 7/12/97 DAT Master Audio Transfer

Redd Kross is playing at Holy Diver tonight. This is a rare treat- I don’t think they have played Sacramento since 1997… and speaking of 1997, here is the 1997 Sacramento show for you to enjoy.
They played Melarkey’s with Sloan in July of 1997, touring their Show World LP. This is a DAT audio recording through the soundboard. The mix fluctuates quite a nit early on, but John Taylor did a nice job and was able to stabilize the mix.
Btw, I have been hearing rumors that they are opening their shows with “Pretty Please Me” by the Quick, same as this Melarkey’s show. It should be awesome!

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy

Equipment Used: Sony TCD-D7 DAT most likely

Audio Live Concert

Boss Hog- Melarkey’s, Sacramento Ca. 11/28/95 Audio xfer from DAT Master

The reason that I dug this 11/28/95 show out of the archive is because Richard Dal Porto asked. Someone please let him know, if you are friends with him. Be sure to check the tape lists and ask for stuff to be uploaded- as long as it meets the criteria (the band or taper has a connection to sacramento), it’ll get done!
This one sounds better than I remember. The PA was not huge- John Taylor did a great job making the room sound good. John is still doing sound in town, as the main man at Harlow’s and also doing some den of sin gigs!

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment Used: Sony DAT (Probably a TCDD7) and Coresound Binaural mics with battery box rolloff.

Audio Live Concert

That Dog- Melarkey’s, Sacramento Ca. 11/28/95 Audio xfer from DAT Master

This show happened a couple of days after I moved back from Whittier. My good friend Jim Utz was a big That Dog and Boss Hog fan, so I recorded it for him. I got there a little late (I’ve been arriving late to shows for 30 years!) so you can hear me walk out of the bathroom and into the club. It takes a minute for me to stabilize the levels. Melarkey’s was such a cool little club and Brian had a ton of awesome shows there. I taped/saw Geraldine Fibbers, Sloan, Redd Kross, Richard Buckner and Barbara Manning (before we were friends- she treated me like a stalker freak. haha). I kinda miss that place.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment Used: Sony DAT (probably a TCD-D7) and coresound binaural mics with battery box bass rolloff.

Audio Live Concert

Whorelords- Melarkey’s, Sacramento Ca. 5/24/92 Tales of Terror Sex 66

So the philosophy of the sac music archive is to include ALL videos from Sacramento based shows/musicians/filmers/tapers etc… we don’t discriminate, even when the content is questionable. The videos I post may not reflect my personal views, or my musical tastes.
Now that we got that out of the way, here are the Whorelords. The whorelords were an all-star band consisting of Rat’s ass on vocals; Mike Farrell on drums, and Dave Zimini (from Apriori).

I see people I know! Lizz Fisher gives the camera the side eye at about 45 seconds in, and I think that may be Tom Hutchison at about 30 seconds. What a party!
Note: This one is set to “adults only” mode on youtube due to nudity. You may need to prove your age before accessing.

Filmed by: ?

Transfer/post production: Jim McLain

Live Concert Video

Redrum- Melarkey’s, Sacramento Ca. 3/13/92 Xfer from master Audience Audiotape Sacto Thrash Metal

This one was a request from Gus Buss (Jeff) and Mike Parisi. I have a DAT soundboard tape and this audience recording. The board tape is really bizarre- the mix is not great and there are surges of reverb that cause the volume peaks to overload on my DAT- I have never seen anything like it before. So, instead of the board tape I am uploading the better sounding audience tape for now.
I’ll try to matrix the board and audience tapes sometime in the future- I have figured out a way to time align via pluraleyes, but I need to jump through hoops. No time for that now.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Marantz PMD430 (like a Sony TCD-D5) and 2 Nakamichi CM-300 mics
Transfer Equipment: Nakamichi Dragon and M-Audio Audiophile 2496 card
EQ’d (bass boost) in Sony Soundforge

Audio Live Concert