Tiger Trap- Middle East, Cambridge MA, 6/22/93 Full Set

Recorded (videotaped) by: Jody Urbati-Moore

Shared by: the Billy Ruane live archive preservation

Hello, everyone. This is my first post to the Sacramento Music Archive.
Am going to start by helping out Shayne and filling in when I have something to share.

Matthew Hartman kindly provided the tracklist in a comment.

0:40 Hiding

2:57 Don’t Ask

5:05 Sour Grass

8:30 Carrie’s Song

10:33 Word and Smiles

13:06 Baby Blue

16:02 For Sure

21:40 I Hate You

24:50 Heather’s Song

27:58 Treasure

31:12 ???

34:30 You’re Sleeping

37:27 Chester

41:00 Eight Wheels

43:47 Puzzle Pieces

47:07 You and Me

50:04 ???

52:05 Supreme Nothing

Live Concert Uncategorized Video

Tiger Trap- Niki D’s, Columbia SC 6/93 Full Set

Recorded by: Christopher Bickel on a Canon L1 with onboard mic.

Shared by: smashism

This show was drummer Heather’s Dunn’s 20th birthday. So that can help with more precisely dating this. I figure this was in June as they toured other US dates that month.

Matthew Hartman kindly provided the tracklist in a comment.

0:37 Sour Grass

4:24 Puzzle Pieces

7:21 Tore a Hole

9:45 Carrie’s Song

12:08 Hiding

14:30 Baby Blue

16:25 For Sure

19:40 Treasure (incomplete)

19:52 Chester (incomplete)

21:07 Words and Smiles

23:25 Treasure

26:13 Don’t Ask

28:30 You and Me

31:11 ???

35:00 Angie tells a gross joke (or two), mayhem ensues

37:00 Chester

40:50 I Hate You (Rose said, “I get to play Jazz…”)

As noted above, the video (of which this is likely the master or close to it, has cuts in “Treasure” and “Chester”.

Tiger Trap would play their last show at the Bottom Of The Hill in San Francisco on December 1993.

Tiger Trap, live at Niki D’s, probably a house show
Live Concert Uncategorized Video