One nice thing about living in L.A. was the sheer volume of promotional appearances by artists. There were constant in-store performances and special showcases unavailable anywhere else. These usually took place in L.A./Hollywood during my working hours, so I missed out on just about all of them… but this was one in Anaheim (close to home) in the early evening.
Richie was in town as a promo for the Troubadours of folk fest at UCLA. I went to the fest and taped, but a lot of it wasn’t great. I do have 1st gen video to transfer one day. He played the instore solo acoustic with no P.A. I was obnoxiously up front in full view with a namamichi CM300 shotgun mic pointing at him. It sounds pretty good, but since there was no P.A., the crowd applause in between songs was so loud that it blew up the recording. I just went ahead and edited the between-song applause out for everyone’s comfort. Trust me, you don’t wanna hear it.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Sony TCD-D3 DAT and Nakamichi CM-300 mic
Volume boost and crwd edits in Sony Soundforge 10

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