Uncle Tupelo- Corner Tavern, Edwardsville Il. 6/30/87 xfer from 2nd gen VHS tape FULL SHOW

I think most of you know that I have a mountain of stuff to post and not enough time to post often enough. I had a pile of Groovie Ghoulies stuff to do, but then I decided to check my alt country videos against youtube.. and I was shocked that a lot of the OLD uncle tupelo stuff that Jim Utz helped get from the source had not been posted to YT. Odd. There is only 1 song posted in YT from this show, here is the full show. This is the first show billed as Uncle Tupelo, opening for Das Damen. It’s super dark and the sound is not the best, but it is the lowest gen available… unless Jim can track down that 1st gen VHS again, that we dubbed back in the 90s. 🙂

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy


Additional help by: Jim Utz

Live Concert Video

IGD, Team Urinals, Last Warning, Outrage- Local Trash TV Show, Roseville Cable 1987ish

Here’s another one from Mark Murray’s collection. Roseville used to get away with so much stuff. Check out this episode- it has it all. Drunkeness, profanity and more. I love how Matt from IGD comes out strong- jumping up and down like crazy. Then, about 3 minutes in, he is so winded that he can’t sing. HA HA!

Recorded by: Mark Murray


Live Concert Video