Flaming Lips- UC Davis Coffeehouse, Davis Ca. 10/20/89 Audio Only xfer from Sony Pro Walkman Master

On top of the 4,000 cassettes of my own that reside at the archive, I also have other collections– I have over 500 punk cassettes from Jason Ross, about 100 from Dal Basi, A lot from Brian McKenna, and a couple hundred from my friend Anonymous. He taped with a Sony WMD6C Pro Walkman back in the late 80s and was able to get some nice results from the deck along with a Sony ECM909 mic.
He told me that this was one of the loudest shows he had ever attended, and it still sounds pretty damned good. This is a transfer from his master tape.

Recorded by: Anonymous
Equipment used: Sony WMD6C & ECM-909 Mic

Audio Live Concert

7 Seconds- UC Davis Coffeehouse, Davis Ca. 3/5/89 Xfer from master 8mm video enhanced with NEW Audio

Here is another show that we were able to improve quite a bit. The audio on the original video is terrible. I was behind the PA and I was using the stock mic from the camera. It is borderline unlistenable. We were able to enhanced the video (which made a big difference), and then synch Anonymous’ audience recording to the video. He was only using a non professional Aiwa, but he bought a nice sony Mic so the results are pretty good. WAY better than before.
Also, please admire Kevin Seconds’ mane of hair and tie dye t-shirt. This has been my fashion template for the pandemic. Just wait until I see all of you again- you won’t recognize me. 😀
PS: John Muheim kept getting in my way. I did not know him then and he was bumming me out. Now we are pals. In fact, the only photo of me videotaping from back then is one that he shot, from this show!

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Aiwa CV-80 Camcorder
Audio recorded by: Anonymous
Equipment used: Aiwa consumer recorder w/ Sony ECM909 mic
Audio/Video synch by King Bean

Live Concert Video

Thin White Rope- UC Davis Coffeehouse, Davis Ca. March 1989 Enhanced Xfer from VHS Master Tape

HUGE thanks to Paul Ashby for trusting me (and usps) with his master VHS tapes.
Here’s what I did to spruce this one up:
VHS Playback/Transfer with JVC HRS9800U w/TBC on, into Canopus ADVC300
Adobe Premiere Elements to birghten, increase contrast, de-grain. Noise reduction via Neat Video.
Export to MP4 at 1080p.

Recorded by: Paul Ashby
Transfer/Post Prd by: Shayne Stacy

Live Concert Video