Metallica – Tower Records Parking Lot, Sacramento, CA 6-4-96

Go figure. I punch in Sacramento in the search area on my youtube channel and a Metallica show is the first thing to pop up. Really enjoyed the experience of filming these rare flatbed truck gigs.

What a cool day this was. Metallica planned to perform LIVE 3 shows in one day to promote the upcoming release of the LOAD record in 3 different tower records parking lots…3pm San Jose, 6pm Concord, 9pm Sacramento. Since I lived in Concord that one excited me the most. But since the city of Concord would not issue the permits the band were only able to pull off San Jose and Sacramento which were both filmed. MFTMON was next to me shooting as well.

Recorded by: Gary Shurtleff

Equipment Used: Sony ?

Live Concert Video

Metallica- Berkeley, Ca. 9/2/83 Audio Only

Here’s another OLD Metallica recording that I did not see on youtube yet. This is from Mark Martin’s collection that I received in the mid 1980s, so it is likely a low gen cassette dub since he was tight with the bay area thrash metal traders. It sounds fair. Enjoy. I found this pic online that is an actual pic from the show.

Recorded by: Unknown


Additional help by: Mark Martin

Audio Live Concert