Here’s the last aftershock post for a while. I bought the live metallica audio recordings to synch with the video, but it isn’t working. I think Metallica’s people may be fixing mistakes in post production…
The workflow for these enhanced ones is insane. I need to take each of the 9 pieces of the show (camera films 15min max) and enhance/degrain each one. Each piece takes 3-4 hours. Then I take the enhanced pieces and synch them up to the DPA audio source via pluraleyes, which I also need to prep/EQ. Then, I join then up in avidemux for the final, 70gb file I upload. It takes about 40hrs of processing time and 8 hours of upload time to get it to you. Not complaining, just explaining how many steps it takes. And since youtube always favors speed over quality, this will get 10% of the views of my original, unenhanced, raw camera audio version of the show. No big.

Recorded by: Shayne Stacy
Equipment used: Panasonic Lumix ZS70 (video); Sony PCM-A10, DPA 4061 mics, Church Audio preamp.
Enhanced (denoise) in Adobe Premiere Elements and Neat Video
Audio/Video synch via Plural Eyes 4

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