3FF- Cafe Colonial, Sacramento Ca. 7/27/01 xfer from 8mm master

Here is another 3FF video from Cory Wiegert’s collection. There was no date listed on this, but I am pretty sure this date is correct. – This is the only other 3FF cafe Colonial date listed on Danny Ensele’s (great) concert archives site, it happened about 2 weeks after the other (confirmed) 7/14/01 date, and this video was immediately after the 7/14 show on Cory’s tape, and the guys all look the same. So I’m calling it. Ken, Cory or anyone else, tell me if I am wrong.

From Cory Wiegert’s collection

Recorded by: Ken Doose


Live Concert Video

3ff- Cafe Colonial, Sacramento Ca 7/14/01 xfer from 8mm master

Here are some shows from Cory Wiegert’s archive of stuff. First off is a show from the Cafe Colonial in Summer of 2001. The first 2 minutes are Cory’s relatives (parents?) taking him to the show. Awww, so cute and supportive! I wish my parents did that. You also see video of the “crowd” outside the club before the show. Very cool document.

Recorded by: Cory Wiegert’s relatives(parents?)

Live Concert Video